GALAXY mango box starting sale of 299 yuan new listing discount

Juggling GALAXY mango box purchase

GALAXY Mango Box "10 minutes of decisive battle" event details:

Activity time: 2015.9.16—2015.9.22 Every day 10:10:10 15:15:15

Event prizes:

1. Customers who purchase the first place during the period of the event can obtain the full rebate;

2. Customers who purchase the second place during the period of the event can get a VIP card for mango;

3. Customers who purchase a third place during the period of the event can obtain a new Tour N1 game controller;

4. Customers who purchase the fourth to tenth orders during the period of the event can get a half-year card for the mango VIP.

In addition to the above activities, the GALAXY Mango Box also has a positive return event. The 110 customers that were evaluated before 10.16 can get a new tour N1 gamepad, a mango VIP half-year card and a cash rebate of 10 yuan.

What is GALAXY Mango Box?

GALAXY Mango Box is a 4K Ultra HD network set-top box equipped with Cortex-A9 quad-core processor, 8-core GPU, 1G RAM, 8G flash memory, support for H.265 video decoding and 4K ultra clear output; built-in mango TV legal broadcast control platform , has a wealth of high-definition resources, popular movies, television dramas, variety shows, animation and other heart to watch.

What can GALAXY Mango Box bring to you?

As a 4K ultra HD network set-top box, GALAXY mango box can be used to chase drama, play games and experience 4K ultra-clear cinema. Genuine resources allow you to save the annual cable TV costs, value for money.

Interested friends immediately went to Yingchi official flagship store to buy it, many gifts waiting for you to take!

Fibos Load Cell sensor amplifier 

Use anti-water connector

Compensation adjustment uses High stability Multi-turn potentiometer

Anti-water rubber washer in the cover prevent the amplifier to be damaged

Prevent load cell to be damaged by lightning and Surge signal

Multi-signal integrated, Ip65

Load Cell Amplifier

load cell amplifier, sensor amplifier

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