US semiconductor company CEO optimistic about LED lighting market

Looking forward to 2011, the market demand for analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits will continue to rise, because many end products must use these two types of circuits to improve the system's energy efficiency and signal accuracy, and to ensure a clearer and more detailed picture. And the sound effects are more colorful. Products with these advantages are expected to continue to be popular with businesses and consumers of all sizes.

As the inventory of distributors will be consolidated in the short term, it is expected that market demand in the coming year may slow down, resulting in a growth rate lower than the 2010 level.

In addition, we believe that from the perspective of the development of medium and long-term, the market for solar energy systems, LED lighting systems and battery management systems has great potential for development.

Current market trends indicate that semiconductor products with higher energy efficiency and ease of use will be more popular in the market. More and more companies are hoping that their electronic systems will further reduce energy consumption and generate less heat. In addition, they also want to introduce new products as soon as possible. In fact, this dream is not difficult to achieve, because they can easily complete the system by using some components that are easier to integrate into the system design and with various online and offline design tools. Designed to quickly bring products to market.

National Semiconductor is a 51-year-old company. Our power management technology has always been a world leader, and analog products are especially our strengths. National Semiconductor's analog circuits are well received by the market because they enhance power management and help increase energy efficiency and solar system power generation.

Companies want their electronic systems to further reduce energy consumption and generate less heat. New products can be rolled out faster. National Semiconductor has the technical advantages to help companies in these areas, including providing elements that are easier to integrate into system design. Devices, which help to easily complete a variety of online and offline design tools for system design, to meet the needs of enterprises in these areas, thus driving the development of the market China Lighting Association LED lighting portal.

National Semiconductor is targeting two major markets: one is the vast industrial product market, including factory automation systems, test and measurement equipment, and automotive electronics systems; another focus is on wireless handsets and personal mobile devices. Both are the core business of National Semiconductor, so we will continue to provide a variety of circuit products for these traditional businesses.

Essentially, a Compression Load Cell is a block that is designed to hold a load at one point to measure the compression. While tension load cells measure the pulling force, compression load cells measure a pushing force along a single axis. Generally, a compression Load Cell is placed beneath the object that needs measuring.

As mentioned previously, the strain gauge in a compression load cell is deformed when a load is applied, and this deformation is used to produce the measurement.

Depending on the application, compression load cells are used to determine any relative changes in resistance. Using the Wheatstone bridge circuit allows these relative changes to be measured with great accuracy, ensuring reliable results.

Compression load cells are generally made of materials that are resistant to rusting and scratches, as the base plate should be free from any deformity in order to provide precise results. A hardened cover is often used on the base plate to ensure this. 

Compression load cells are specifically designed for application where space is limited, and they can be built to be extremely compact. They are also ideal for use for extremely high capacity loads – the compression load cells from HBM are available with maximum capacities of up to 50 tons.

These load cells are highly accurate, which is useful in industries where products are sold by weight. Many compression load cells are single point, which are extremely versatile and are able to measure off-centre loads, which is helpful for ensuring accuracy. Compression load cells also offer long-term stability, and this stability and accuracy can be further ensured with regular load cell calibration services offered by companies such as FIBOS.

The ease of measurement with a compression load cell helps to speed up processing and output, reducing the time spent obtaining results and ultimately lowering costs.

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