The first Yiwu Lighting Fair to see the fashion trend design

Recently, the first Yiwu Lighting Fair was opened at the Meihu Convention and Exhibition Center. A total of 400 exhibitors from China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia participated in the exhibition. The organizing committee set up 600 booths.

The reporter learned from the exhibition site that the current trend of home decoration lamp design tends to be simpler in structure, fine in workmanship, and bright in color. It is this kind of simplistic design style lamp that makes the lighting efficiency of the light source more fully utilized. Manager Li Xiaoli from Ott Lighting told the reporter that the concept of ideal home decoration lamps will be beautiful, practical and personalized. Emphasizing self and pursuing individuality will become the first choice for many customers. Many of the show's lighting fixtures reflect this fashion trend.

Tao Hui, manager of sales department of Hong Kong Ben Electric International Lighting Co., Ltd., said that the domestic interior lighting design has been focused on the transition from single light source to the pursuit of multiple light sources. In the single-light era, the living room and bedroom are often dominated by a single lamp. Now, multi-source design has taken care of the needs of every user and every life situation. Nowadays, people pay more attention to details when decorating their homes. Even a small lamp above the bathroom mirror is also fashionable and chic. The chandeliers on the top of the head, the coffee table and the desk lamps on the desk have quietly changed their faces, the colors have become more colorful and fresh, the materials have become more clear, and the styling has also shown the creativity.

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