LED "quality door" reflects the industry

[Source: Gaogong LED's "LED Research Review" magazine February issue Reporter / Wang Cairong] In 2012, after experiencing heavy closures, closed doors, bosses and other roads, the LED industry has been bruised. In 2013, the company has not yet waited for the company to catch up. Lehman Optoelectronics (300162SZ) was experiencing quality disputes and poured cold water into the fragile LED display industry.

On January 14, 2013, Shenzhen Lixiang Huike, Lianteng Technology, Corrent Technology and Decolor Optoelectronics jointly discussed Lehman Optoelectronics and completely detonated the fuse of the dispute. In the past more than half a month, the four companies and Lehman Optoelectronics launched a fierce condemnation and counterattack around the two major issues of "light quality defects" and "arrears of payment disputes".

In fact, quality complaints and payment disputes have always been a common phenomenon in major industries, and the two are easily involved, as is the LED industry. Due to problems with the LED display, disputes between the packaging factory and the display factory are everywhere. The fermentation of Lehman Optoelectronics' "quality door" dispute is only a case, but the problem reflected by it is the flaw of the entire LED industry.

"Dispute" is difficult to understand

"Whether it is a denunciation to the media or the disclosure of relevant evidence, it is hoped that both parties will return to the negotiating table to solve the problem. But now that Lehman has no intention to communicate with us, joint litigation will be the ultimate solution. "Lian Teng Technology, a senior person in charge, was very disappointed with Lehman's attitude. He said that the development of the situation has been going on. Lehman has always insisted on the loop of the line and has never communicated positively with the four major customers. The hope of the two sides returning to the negotiating table seems to be more and more Come more and more.

"This kind of quality dispute is often not well resolved, because it is often difficult to determine who the responsibility is. But as soon as there is a problem, the average customer is directly complaining to the display manufacturer." A person in charge of the packaging company told reporters that Many LED display companies have suffered greatly, and many LED packaging factories and chip companies are often inexplicably involved in quality disputes.

"The quality of Lehman's lamp bead products is not very bad. The situation of cutting corners and materials is not going to happen. The 5050 lamp beads do not rule out the possibility of quality problems, but Lehman's 346 lamp beads are unlikely to function. Sexual problem." A former senior executive of the Lehman Optoelectronics Packaging Division has said to the reporter of "High-tech LED" that Lehman Optoelectronics previously produced 5050 lamp beads using a single crystal wire package, which is prone to cup bottom peeling. The situation, but its 346 lamp bead products use high-power chips, the possibility of problems is not great.

"The batch of 346 lamp beads purchased by Huahai Integrity, Lehman also sent people to check, it should not be a product problem of Lehman. The phenomenon of poor tinning or tinning may be the situation in the process of processing and use." Executives believe that this quality accident can not push all responsibility to Lehman Optoelectronics, but he said that he has been away from Lehman for a while, and he only knows a little about it.

Nowadays, the quality accidents of the outdoor screens of the four major customers are already a fact. The key point of the dispute is that the responsibility is unclear, the display manufacturers can't bear the huge losses, and the packaging manufacturers are also unacceptable because of the unknown cause. Although the four major customers have already disclosed some third-party testing reports, the effect of pressure on Lehman is obviously not as good as expected, and Lehman’s attitude has not changed.

“After the collapse of the entire LED display industry last year, the capital market began to tighten, so even if the amount of the customer’s default is small, the listed company will try its best to recover it. Now it is exposed that the product quality is flawed and the customer is asking for compensation. Such disputes are often difficult to have results.” Gao Zili, deputy director of the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute, said that in the past, the LED industry was relatively prosperous, and such disputes were relatively easy to resolve, but now most of the packaging factories are not in good condition, and the enterprises involved are not Too much willing to face this problem.

Just six months ago, the same quality turmoil occurred in Dehao Runda (002005.SZ).

In July 2012, the relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Ruituo Lighting Co., Ltd. said that a batch of high-power amber lamp beads purchased from Dehao Runda had a dead light phenomenon, which led to the company's more than 400 LED washes in a project in Nanchang. Wall lights were complained by customers. After the incident, Dehao Runda denied that its products had quality defects, and the two sides had several disputes and failed, and the amount of losses involved was small.

Lack of regulation and standards

Undoubtedly, reluctance to face problems or shirk responsibility is not conducive to the resolution of disputes. For the immature LED industry, if the product safety hazard problem is not effectively dealt with, it will become a factor affecting the development of the LED industry. An undercurrent shoal.

"For this kind of quality accident, it can only be solved and cannot be avoided. The more it avoids, the more it will arouse the dissatisfaction of customers. As a listed company, this kind of problem should be actively cooperated with customers to solve the problem. If it is not your responsibility, it should also be taken. The corresponding statement." Bao Enzhong, executive deputy secretary-general of Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Promotion Association, told the reporter of "High-tech LED" that no one can guarantee that his product has no defects. Since there is a problem, at least he should take responsibility for the customer.

In fact, LED companies including Ai Bison Optoelectronics, Guoye Star, and Snow Wright have experienced quality disputes. Such problems have risen to become a major problem in the domestic LED industry, and this is also exposed from the side. The LED industry has serious loopholes in market regulation and industry standards.

According to the reporter's understanding, at present, there is no strict market supervision system in the domestic LED display industry. The definition of relevant liabilities and compensation standards are also blank. In the event of a quality dispute, it is difficult to determine whether the specific claims are more cumbersome.

"If the negotiation between the two sides is blocked, it can also be resolved through industry associations. As an organization that maintains an orderly and benign development of the industry, industry associations should assume corresponding responsibilities, come forward to mediate disputes or regulate the corresponding market order, but from this time The Man dispute "it seems that our industry associations are not doing well in this regard." Pang Guiwei, chairman of Shenzhen Tongpu Technology Co., Ltd. admitted that the lack of supervision and lack of standards in the LED industry will "condone" the frequent occurrence of quality disputes.

“Having experienced this incident, we have already realized this. Next, we will propose to the relevant departments of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to standardize the standard for outdoor display beading.” Lu Wei, Chairman of Lixiang Huike Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., expressed his feelings to reporters. The real reshuffle of the LED display industry has arrived, and the competition will become more and more fierce in the future. The importance of regulating industry standards and strengthening market supervision is becoming more and more prominent.

However, the official of the Semiconductor Lighting Technology Standards Working Group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology told the "High-tech LED" reporter that the LED display universal standard and the LED device national standard have been introduced, but the latter is a blank type standard, there is no specific details. The parameters, if you want to do the LED display with detailed specifications of the device is more difficult, because it involves too many specifications of the product line.

"The development of LED display device standards should consider many factors such as monochrome, spacing, size, specification and brightness, and the period of establishing standards is relatively long, generally takes 2-3 years." The above officials suggested that the country should be LED Display devices are generally required. LED companies can set internal standards for specific products in accordance with common standards to ensure product quality.

The solution is in itself

"The whole thing is exposed through the news media. The damage to a listed company is very large. It is helpless for display manufacturers to adopt this method." Pang Guiwei believes that as a display manufacturer, we can understand the appearance of lamp manufacturers. Quality issues, but packaging manufacturers should stand up and actively cooperate to solve problems, instead of closing all communication channels and evading responsibility.

Pang Guiwei said that the development of enterprises depends on the support of customers and the common interests of all. "Package manufacturers do not want to see this kind of problem, but since you have the responsibility, you should be brave enough. You can't lose a forest because of a tree."

"High-tech LED CEO Dr. Zhang Xiaofei believes that this quality lawsuit will scare away even if the defendant did not lose, but in the end it was completely lost.

It is worth pondering that whether it is to standardize industry standards or improve the regulatory mechanism, the external binding force is always limited. The key to avoiding quality disputes lies in the enterprises themselves. If the enterprises want to develop in the long run, they must actively change their coping attitudes, taking into account the customers. The interests of the people, the win-win situation is the king.

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