Yunao Lighting: Breakthrough to seize the domestic market

[Source: LED Engineering magazine's "LED lighting channel" 2013 the third period (total of 39) Reporter / Zhang Geng]

In the field of LED advertising, the second-generation module is the mainstream product in the current market, accounting for 60% of the domestic market share. This situation is expected to change in the second half of this year.

At the beginning of the year, Shenzhen Yunao Lighting Co., Ltd. introduced 50 injection molding machines. The third generation of injection molding module products is expected to reach full-scale production in the second half of the year, which means that the price war around the second generation and third generation products will start soon.

Ye Zongze, general manager of Yunao Lighting, said, “At present, the price of the second-generation main product of the advertising logo light source 7815 is 2.0-2.5 yuan/piece, and the price of the third-generation injection molding module is 2.5-2.9 yuan/piece. The third generation of products will enter mass production, and the price will fall to the same price as the second generation in the second half of the year. This will have a big impact on competitors.

It is foreseeable that in the coming year, driven by the price war, the third generation of domestic LED advertising signs will completely replace the second generation products, and its market size is expected to reach more than 2 billion yuan.

Competitive upgrade

At this stage, the first and second generation products of the domestic LED advertising logo market are still the mainstream, Ye Zongze said, “According to the domestic market share, the first generation accounts for 30% of the market, the second generation accounts for 60% of the market, and the third. Generations occupy 10% of the market."

However, the first two generations of products have great defects. The first generation products have short life and cannot be waterproof. The second generation products add electronic potting glue on the first generation, so that the products can be waterproof, but the electronic potting glue is used. It will turn yellow for a long time, and the product has poor heat dissipation and poor light efficiency, resulting in the average service life of the first and second generation products is only 1-2 years.

The third-generation injection molding module adopts APS rubber, the waterproof rating reaches IP65, the fire rating reaches UL94 V-0, and the light efficiency and heat dissipation are also improved, and the overall performance is superior. However, the mainstream LED advertising logos represented by Rishang and Lanjing are still enjoying the lucrative profits brought by the second-generation products, and naturally they are reluctant to let the third-generation products spread the market too quickly.

Therefore, the complete replacement of the first-generation products by the third-generation products requires new forces to break through, and Yunao is such a representative. Yunao's share in the domestic market is relatively small. It has always been export-oriented. Now that the export market has stabilized, it is strategically necessary to expand the domestic market.

Ye Zongze said, “At present, Yunao has set up offices in North China, East China, Central China, South China and Northeast China. The next step is to find provincial distributors. The goal this year is to make the third generation products occupy 10% of the domestic market.”

The third generation of Yunao is entering large-scale production, and the price will gradually drop to the same price as the second generation. The third generation will directly call the second generation, which will sting the nerves of the sun and blue scene. It is a matter of time.

Strategic competition

The outbreak of price war will prompt companies in this field to develop the latest products, and Yunao has already stepped ahead of the field, upgrading to the fourth-generation optical injection module based on the third-generation products, Ye Zongze said, "The product uses optical lenses. Combined with flip-chip eutectic technology, the angle of light illumination can be changed according to customer requirements."

The light source used in the third generation products is a traditional light source. The disadvantage is that the gold wire inside the environment is easily broken, and the chip is solid crystal on the support. It is easy to fall off after being used for a long time. These factors cause the service life of the third generation product. In 3-5 years. However, if the source is produced by flip-chip eutectic technology, there is no such problem, and its lifetime can reach 50,000 hours.

Take the bank advertisement logo as an example. At present, the traditional two-sided light box on the market basically uses the traditional fluorescent tube, the illumination effect is uneven, and the power consumption is large and the life is short. If the third generation optical injection module is used, only the bottom of the light box is needed. Using a 10Χ50 degree fourth-generation optical injection module product to illuminate up and to the sides, the light effect is very uniform, and the life is longer, more energy-saving, and more widely used.

Ye Zongze said, "The fourth-generation optical injection module is a development trend. Yunao has seized the opportunity in this new technology field. In order to maintain its technological leadership, Yunao has signed a treaty with Taiwan New Century Lighting, and its light source is exclusively supplied worldwide. ”

At present, there are only three LED companies with mature flip-chip eutectic technology in the world, CREE, PHILIPS LUMILEDS and Taiwan New Century Lighting. One of them has signed a treaty with Yunao, and the remaining two will be the target of many enterprises. It can be seen that Yunao has more strategic space to operate than the opponent in the new technology field.

The main products of the Japanese and Blue King domestic markets are still the second generation products. The third generation products are mainly aimed at the high-end market because of the high price.

Yunao’s strategy is that the fourth-generation optical injection module will be promoted in the domestic high-end market. The third-generation products will be seized in the low-end market. With the gradual decline in the price of the third generation of Yunao, it will drive competitors to decline. Third-generation product prices, when the third-generation products completely replace the second-generation products.

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