Taiwan LED factory Reddike's revenue in March increased by more than 70%

Taiwan's secondary optical lens factory Red Dick's revenue in March reached 88.68 million yuan (NTD, the same below), a 74% increase in monthly, following the January this year, 88.76 million yuan, a record high performance.

Redick is mainly engaged in the production of secondary optical lenses for LED lighting. Chairman Tang Delong once pointed out that Redditch operates a niche market and benefits from the continued growth of LED lighting demand. When the company has new capacity, it will fill up the order and the company will focus on capacity adjustment last year. Expand the Yangzhou plant to cope with the growing demand for orders.

The Yangzhou plant began to operate in November last year, and from January this year, the consolidated revenue performance gradually saw new capacity to pay attention to benefits. Although it was affected by the return of the Lunar New Year holiday in February, Tang Delong said that the two factories in Dongguan and Yangzhou Production line employees have been replenished on March 15 and their operational performance has returned to normal track. It is estimated that the April revenue will see strong growth.

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