The price has fallen sharply. LED manufacturers are actively participating in the niche market.

Affected by the massive expansion of new capacity by mainland LED factories, the LED industry has been in an oversupply situation since the second half of 2011. LED manufacturers have begun to face a sharp decline in product prices. Even if fast-growing shipments support revenue performance, gross profit margins remain straight. The profitability performance is still poor. Therefore, each plant includes active card niche-type markets such as Jingdian, Guangluo and Ronda to ensure operational performance.

Jingdian expects to open up market advantages based on technology. In recent years, it has actively developed high-voltage LED chip products. Last year, it broke into the supply chain of European and American manufacturers. Chairman Li Bingjie pointed out that the company continues to seek products with market niche, such as high-voltage LED chip products is a standard example, and this year plans to launch a number of new LED lighting products from the end of the second quarter to the third quarter, including LED candles Filaments, commercial spotlights, etc., focus on niche-type markets with high technological value. It is estimated that niche-type products are expected to help crystal power revenues of 1 billion yuan this year.

The company is targeting the niche-type high-power lighting market. Its main products include stage lighting, engineering lighting and landscape lighting products. Although it was affected by the poor market conditions of the LED industry last year, it compared with the gross profit margin of many LED chip factories last year. Less than 10% of the performance, Guangyi's consolidated gross profit margin remained at 17.57% last year, after-tax profit of 85.436 million yuan, EPS 0.85 yuan, the annual operating performance is relatively prominent.

Ronda is also optimistic about the development trend of global LED lighting. This year, the first card-based lighting niche market, in addition to OEM production of LED light source products, is also actively moving towards LED lighting design and development, which was announced at the Taipei International Lighting Exhibition. A full range of ceiling applications use LED energy-saving lamps, and continue to push the design of flat-panel lights, and also display table lamps.

LED capital market recruit Lei Diike mainly produces secondary optical lenses for LED lighting, with a gross profit margin of about 50%. It also has fewer market competitors and quickly achieved market share, accounting for more than 35%, ranking first. As a result, last year's consolidated revenue and after-tax profit reached a new high of 888 million yuan and 146 million yuan, and the monthly revenue performance in January and March this year also showed a new high performance.

Liqing is a LED lamp market that needs long-term cultivation. It has gradually started to ferment from 2010. Last year, the combined revenue reached 1.12 billion yuan, an annual increase of 17.84%, and the gross profit margin was also increased to over 20%. In addition to the commercial lighting business, benefiting from the completion and acceptance of the application in Jiuquan Iron and Steel Plant, the first quarter of the combined revenue will be rushed to 500 million yuan, nearly double the annual growth.

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