The stock price is high, and the crystal photo is sold by three institutions.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange trading public information shows that Crystal Optoelectronics (002273) on the 13th daily limit, but was sold by the agency. The company was bought by the two institutions for a total of 21.09 million yuan, accounting for 4.84% of the total turnover of the day; sold by the three institutions for 80.10 million yuan, accounting for 18.37% of the total turnover of the day.

As an important company in the “wearable smart device” industry chain, Crystal Optoelectronics has been driven by the Google Glass concept. The organization also analyzed that Google Glass will help the company open up space for growth. As an inter-generational product, Google Glass has become the focus of the moment. Crystal Optoelectronics has a set advantage in optical cold processing, coating and optomechanical modules, and is expected to benefit from the outbreak of wearable smart products in the future, but when to contribute to the performance needs further observation.

In addition to the Google Glass concept, the company mainly depends on the blue glass business. The agency believes that in the second quarter, domestic first-line smartphone brands will begin to increase the launch of new machines, and blue glass orders will gradually increase, and this year's growth point will start.

On the other hand, due to the depreciation of the yen, the price reduction of the SLR single-power OLPF last year still exists. Apple has cleared its inventory in the first quarter, and it is expected to rebound slightly in the second quarter, but the focus is still on the new machine. It has to be noted that in the case that the organization consistently predicts that the EPS of 2013 will be around 0.85 yuan, the current stock price of the company is already at a high level, and the organization sells it is not unreasonable.

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