Xiaobian talks about the future development direction of LED heat dissipation technology

As we all know, LED lamps need good heat dissipation conditions during operation to ensure the normal use and life of LEDs. The problem of heat dissipation in LED lighting has always been the most difficult castle to overcome in the industry. In which direction will the cooling technology of LEDs develop in the future?

Heat dissipation method

Active heat dissipation: Increase the convection heat dissipation by adding a micro fan, which can effectively reduce the junction temperature of the LED.

Advantages: The heat dissipation effect is remarkable, because the heat dissipation of the LED lamp mainly depends on the convection heat dissipation, which accounts for about 80%.

Disadvantages: a. Noise: There will be noise after adding the fan, which may affect the normal work and rest. b. Lifetime: The bearing life of the general fan is difficult to reach the long life of the LED lamp. 100,000 hours. c. Cost: increase the active heat dissipation. Correspondingly increase product costs. In particular, a long-life miniature fan is installed.

Passive heat dissipation: Increase the radiation and convection heat dissipation through the design of the material and structure of the LED light radiator.

Advantages: Low mute cost Disadvantages: The heat dissipation effect depends on the heat sink structure design and requires more mature design techniques.

Advantages and disadvantages of the heat dissipation material of the lamp housing:

Aluminum heat dissipation

Advantages: At present, the mainstream in the market is to use aluminum casting heat sink for heat dissipation, which is characterized by lower cost, lighter weight, better heat dissipation performance, less environmental corrosion and wear resistance.

Disadvantages: Poor insulation. If there is a circuit board (such as LED bulb or lamp) installed in the heat dissipation body, additional insulation measures should be taken to prevent the electric shock accident or the damage of the lamp due to short circuit of the circuit board; Not conducive to product miniaturization;

Ceramic heat dissipation

Advantages: low price, corrosion resistance, good insulation performance. If there is a circuit board installed inside the heat sink, it does not need excessive insulation treatment to meet the safety performance requirements of the product.

Disadvantages: heat dissipation performance is worse than aluminum radiator; fragile;

Copper heat dissipation

Advantages: Its heat dissipation performance is good. Relatively speaking, the same volume of the heat sink, the copper material can withstand the heat dissipation requirement of the higher power LED than the aluminum material, which is beneficial to the miniaturization of the product. Disadvantages: 1 poor insulation, need to do additional insulation treatment; 2 high price, ordinary products are unbearable

Thermally conductive plastic TCPA

Advantages: a. Injection molding design structure is free, can fully exert convection heat dissipation b. Radiation coefficient is much larger than metal can quickly radiate heat from the radiator to the air, and take away by convection heat dissipation c. Once formed and with electrical insulation Sex, shorten production cycle, increase production, and environmental protection without pollution. d. Lighter than 35% of aluminum alloy, reducing transportation costs. e. Freedom of design and increase product competitiveness.

Disadvantages: a. In the early stage, it is necessary to have the cost of developing abrasive tools. The average single cost price is equivalent to that of aluminum (the cost will be greatly reduced after mass production in the future).

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