Arques Technology Introduces Charge-Pump White LED Drivers

September 13, 2004... (Austin, Texas USA; Santa Clara, California USA and Taipei, Taiwan)... Arques Technology introduces the newest additions to its expanding line of white LED drivers, the AQ9156B and AQ9153. These dual-mode 1X - 1.5X switched-capacitor (charge pump) regulators are ideal for white LED backlighting and photo flash applications. The output is a regulated 4.5V, up to 120 mA output current, and capable of driving up to six parallel white LEDs, over The typical Li-Ion input voltage range from 3.0V to 6.0V.

They feature an efficient, 1.5X charge-pump circuit that uses only two ceramic bucket capacitors and two small filter capacitors for VIN and VOUT, allowing a compact, low profile system design. The LED brightness can be adjusted by applying a PWM signal the ENA Pin. The AQ9156B offers a selectable switching frequency of 262 kHz or 650 kHz, while the AQ9153 features a fixed 650 kHz frequency.

The AQ9156B and AQ9153 offer unique performance advantages over previously available devices, allowing the highest level of efficiency. A proprietary design architecture (patent pending) maintains high efficiency (80%), at both below 3.2 Vin, resulting in longer battery life, and above 5.25V, when an adapter is plugged in, keeping the part cool.

The output voltage is regulated to 4.5V, +/-5% over the line and load ranges, with low output ripple voltage. Internal over-temperature and over-current management provides short circuit protection.

The AQ9156B is available in a small MLP-10 or MSOP-10 package ($0.99 ea/1000), also available in optional Green (halogen-free and Pb-free) packaging. The AQ9153 is available in a very small MSOP-8 package ($0.79 ea/1000). Evaluation parts available.

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