Better Low-Light Pictures from Cell Phone CamerasNow a Flash Away

August 19, 2004... New Camera-Flash LEDs from Lumileds Lighting Are 12 Times Brighter Than Comparable Light Sources, Dramatically Improving Picture Quality

SAN JOSE, California USA -- Cell phone cameras will soon be able to shed more light on the subject --- literally --- with the introduction of new camera phone flashes utilizing specially engineered light-emittingdiodes (LEDs) from Lumileds Lighting. These new luxeon ® Flash LEDs produceflash illumination that is up to 12 times brighter than todays devices,allowing consumers to take high-quality cell phone pictures in low-lightenvironments at distances of 1 to 2 meters for the first time.

With Luxeon Flashs ability to improve cell phone picture-taking in dimlylit settings, users can capture, save and distribute images that otherwisewould be too indistinct and barely visible and would have to be discarded. This brighter flash capability is also critical for the 1.3 megapixel andbetter Phone cameras now coming on the market because the high-resolutionCMOS camera modules that are used in these advanced camera phones

The first generation of camera phones have fun flashes that light up when you take a picture but deliver virtually the same results as taking a photowith no flash at all because their beam is so weak, said Julian Carey, Lumileds Business Development Manager. Our Luxeon Flash delivers Abrighter, truly functional flash that improves picture quality many timesover and brings new capabilities to camera phone users.

A single Luxeon Flash solution can generate up to 79 lux of light at one meter, compared to just 6-7 lux produced by conventional LEDs. This makesit the first camera phone light source that is capable of producing lightlevels comparable to the flash devices in digital still This high level of performance stems from patented technology that hasenabled Lumileds to develop Luxeon, the worlds brightest LEDs. The LuxeonFlash products --- the newest additions to the Luxeon line --- combine thisindustry-leading brightness with new packaging designed to accommodate In addition to providing a brighter flash, the new LED also deliverssufficient brightness to function as a flashlight, enabling mobile phones tobe used as safety devices in addition to their communications andphotography functions. The first camera phone utilizing a Luxeon Flash was recently introduced inEurope, and major cell phone manufacturers are expected to roll out modelsin the US a Nd Asia before the holiday season this year.

Visit Lumileds at Ceatec, stand 8D15, on October 5-9 to see and learn moreabout Lumileds Luxeon Flash technology.

About Lumileds Lighting
Lumileds Lighting is the worlds leading manufacturer of high-power LEDs anda pioneer in the use of solid-state lighting solutions for everyday purposes including automotive lighting, camera flash, LCD displays and televisions, portable lighting, projection and general lighting. The companys patentedLuxeon Power Light Sources are the first to combine the brightness of conventional lighting with the small footprint, long life and otheradvantages of LEDs. Lumileds also supplies core LED material and LED packaging, and manufactures billions of LEDs annually. Lumileds isheadquartered in San Jose, California, with operations in the Netherlands,Japan and Malaysia and sales offices throughout the world. For moreinformation, call Lumileds at 408-435-6111 or visit

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