Kunming market copper wire prices soared 13%

September 16 learned from the wire market in Kunming that due to the impact of copper prices, the retail price of copper wires in Kunming increased by 13%.

The 4 square millimeter 100-meter copper core wire was sold at 228 yuan in early September and it has now sold for 255 yuan. The owner of the shop explains: “The price of copper has gone up, and the copper wires have of course been subject to price increases, and the increase in the retail prices of copper core wires is entirely based on the 'face' of the manufacturers.”

From the market of building materials such as Daguan and Mingbo, in fact, as early as the beginning of September, Kunming Tongxin Electric Wire raised the retail price. Now 1.5 square millimeters of 100-meter-long copper-core wire (Kunming Cable Factory) has been increased from RMB 92-95/book in early September to RMB 105-108/reel; 100-meter 2.5-mm square copper wire has been upgraded to 160-170 yuan/volume; 100 square meters of 4 square millimeter copper core wire, raised to 250-260 yuan/volume; 100 meters of 6 square millimeter copper core wire, raised to 350-360 yuan/volume. This price has generally risen by 11% to 15% compared with the beginning of September.

It is understood that Kunming Cable Group Co., Ltd. wholesale price, this increase is about 13%. A staff member of the sales department of Kunming Cable Group Co., Ltd. confirmed: “We increased the wholesale price of copper core wire on September 3. The increase in copper price has been far more rapid than the internal digestion of the company, so the current power The price increase of cable products is also a last resort, and if the sales price of control cable products is not correspondingly increased, enterprises will inevitably face huge losses.

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