Beitong BTP-BD3G Bat 3 Gamepad Experience Report

INTRODUCTION: It took almost three years to come to Zhang Aunt. She has been a silent diver and ended up failing every time he applied for a test. For those of us who missed every year in the 50% winning probability draw of the company's annual meeting, it was even more than happy to have this test. This article is my experience for the Beitong BTP-BD3G Bat 3 gamepad, novice, welcomed the old driver to overtake (laughs).

First, experience the environment:

This experience is based on the Windows PC environment. Three representative classic PC games are selected: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, Need for Speed: Enemy, GTA5, which represent shooting, racing, and action adventure games. The horizontal comparison with the XBox One handle. For Android mobile phone OTA game experience, this article is not involved;

The experience environment is as follows:

PC environment: Windows 10 system (CPU: i5 6500, memory: 16G, graphics card: GTX1060 6G)

Computer games: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, GTA5, Need for Speed: Enemy;

Contrast handle: XBox One gamepad;

Second, open the box experience;

The first time I received the parcel sent by Aunt Zhang, the packaging was indeed strong enough. Here again, I would like to thank Zhang Aunt for this experience.

Found out of the box after the comparison is simple, including the following items: Beitong Bat 3 game controller - a wired version, 1 manual, product warranty card 1;

This section of the North Pass handle in appearance, compared to the previous generation North Pass Bat D2 handle, there is a significant improvement. The bat D2 handle in the previous paragraph is all black in color and its appearance is general. This bat 3 handle in the previous generation based on the addition of gold and high-gloss brushed golden elements, similar to the shape of the gold bat darts, not only looks even more grades, but also highlight the handle belongs to the North Bat series. It can be seen that the design is obviously more careful.

Betop BTP-BD2E Bat D2 PC & PS3 & Android wired vibration gamepad late night version 59.9 yuan Beitong Bat 2 Jingdong direct link

The product size of the handle is 156×102×60mm, and the weight is about 220g. There is no obvious discomfort in the hand. This cable version is 2M long and plugs into the USB port on the back of the host PC. It feels a bit constrained. Use the front USB of the PC host just right. The handle is basically the same as the previous generation in the key layout, but the intelligent suspension cross key, SHIFT one-touch function, and TURBO continuous function setting have been added. Among them, the intelligent suspension cross key, the buttons are softer and more comfortable, and there is no obvious sense of frustration;

On the whole, Beitong Bat 3 game controller is relatively simple overall, the lines are also very smooth, and its full frosted style feels very comfortable. The curvature of the bottom of the handle is ergonomic, and the placement of the fingers is not awkward. This design also provides the player with a comfortable grip.

Third, PC game experience;

The Beitong Bat 3 handle is a driverless version. The first time you plug in your Windows 10 system, it automatically recognizes the new hardware and installs the driver. After the driver is installed, it can be used directly and with vibration. By default, the C360 mode is used for the first time.

1. Call of Duty 4 Experience

In the call of duty, the left and right two motors of the sensory handle have obvious vibration effects and obviously feel asymmetrical vibration effects. This should be the asymmetric effect in the propaganda. In addition, special instructions are required. Yes. Use the joystick and the cross keys on the left to use the Shift key to switch back and forth.

2. Need for Speed ​​Experience

In Need for Speed, the left stick is used to control the direction of the car. The point where Tucao is needed here is that the surface of the rocker is a flat surface and the edges are not effectively treated for anti-skid. As a result, when you hold down the forward dial number, you will see the thumb slide forward. This point xbox handle detail processing is more excellent, the surface is concave processing, and the edge grid scrub, the thumb has been pressed up will not slide;

3. GTA5 experience;

The GTA5 game performed normally and no obvious feelings were found. It should be noted that I have always been using the xbox game, the cross key and the joystick are in the opposite direction, and it is often confusing to press the cross keys when traveling.

Fourth, compare with XBox One handle

In the above three game experiences, the horizontal comparison experience with the XBox One handle respectively is good for the overall use of the handle. However, there are plenty of room for improvement in the Beitong Bat 3 in details. Here's a list of some of the things that I found that can be improved.

Relative to the xbox one handle, the following points can be improved (regardless of appearance and key layout)

1. The non-slip surface treatment of the rocker surface needs to be improved (as mentioned earlier);

2. In addition to the cross keys, other keys are relatively stiff and have a poor feel. Especially LT, RT two trigger keys;

3. ABXY four operation keys can refer to the xbox handle, use color to mark more clearly and clearly;

4. The middle start and other four function keys should use rubber material, and the touch is very general, and it is strongly recommended to improve;

Fifth, summary;

This test experience will basically end here. Finally, a comprehensive summary statement;

Beitong Bat 3 handles, the overall grip feels good, the button layout is reasonable, in the actual game experience did not find obvious problems, double vibration motor does bring more refreshing effect;

Personally think that follow-up can improve the place:

The first is that the line length is relatively short. If the 3M line length, personal feeling will be even better. Of course, if the follow-up bat 3 can launch the wireless version, there is no such problem;

The second is that the key feel needs to be improved. In addition to the cross keys, the other keys are slightly different from the XBox One. Especially the trigger key;

Third, the details of the key processing. The above mentioned issues such as non-slip handling, button material, etc. have been mentioned;

Finally, if anyone asks me for a purchase proposal, I believe that the Beitong Bat 3 is a cost-effective and competitive handle, combined with the market price of the Beitong Bat 3 Handle.

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