cdma2000 meaning in Chinese

cdma2000 meaning in Chinese

CDMA2000 is the name used by the TIA standards organization to refer to the third generation of CDMA. The TIA specification applicable to 3G CDMA is called IS-2000, and the technology itself is called CDMA2000.

The first phase of CDMA2000, also known as 1x, enables communication companies with existing IS-95 systems to double their overall system capacity and increase the data rate up to 614kbps.

CDMA2000 technology advancements higher than 1x include 1xEV (High Speed ​​Data Rate).

The MSM5000 â„¢ chipset CDMA2000 solution introduced by QCT is backward compatible with cdmaOne (IS-95 CDMA).

The CDMA2000 standard was formulated by the 3GPP2 organization, and the versions include Release 0, Release A, EV-DO, and EV-DV. The main feature of Release 0 is to use the core network based on ANSI-41D, adding support for packet services in the wireless access network and core network Network entity, this version is already stable. Unicom's upcoming CDMA Phase II project uses this version. The maximum uplink and downlink rate of a single carrier can reach 153.6 kbit / s. Release A is the enhancement of Release 0. The maximum rate of a single carrier can reach 307.2kbit / s, and it supports concurrent voice services and packet services. EV-DO uses a separate carrier to support data services. It can provide voice and high-speed packet data services in a standard carrier of 1.25MHz at a maximum rate of 3.1Mbit / s.

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