Libra loves smart appliances

Libra loves smart appliances

The market research group GFK and Tmall Electric City released the “2015 Digital Home Appliances Consumption Trend Report”. According to the report, the purchasing power of “post-90s” users aged 18-25 is significantly increasing. The annual compound annual growth rate of turnover in the past three years is more than 100%. In general, "post-80s" and "post-90s" have occupied half of the consumption of smart life.

The report also analyzed the concept of consumption of different constellations in smart home appliances, among which, Libra was ranked first in the purchase of various smart home appliances.

"Post 90s" has grown into a major consumer group

According to the “2015 Digital Appliances Consumer Trends Report”, 91% of consumer electronics consumers use smart phones at home, more than 50% own tablets, and nearly 40% already have smart TVs. It can be said that smart digital appliances have penetrated into all aspects of our lives.

Among these consumer groups, the purchasing power of “post-90s” users aged 18-25 has increased significantly. In the past three years, the annual compound annual growth rate of its turnover exceeded 100%, which is the largest increase among all age groups. "80 after" and "after 90" superposition, has occupied half of the purchase of smart appliances.

Do not think that consumers in third- and fourth-tier cities will not catch up with the trend of smart living. The report shows that the third- and fourth-tier cities have the highest growth rate in the purchase of smart appliances, which has exceeded the growth rate of first and second-tier cities.

"Gu" Libra loves to buy a sweeping machine

According to the report, high-tech new products and customized products are the favorite of young consumers. In 2015, Tmall's personalized custom single product, the sales volume of customized small household appliances increased by nearly 200%. Among them, customized products such as sweeping robots, soya-bean milk makers, rice cookers, hot water kettles, and razors were received by young consumers. welcome. The "black technology" smart products represented by Oculus, HTC, Sony and other brands sold 500,000 units in China in the past year, and it is expected to exceed 1.2 million units in 2016.

Interestingly, the report found that the concept of smart home appliances in different constellations is quite different. Among them, Libra has topped the list in the purchase of various smart home appliances. Practical sweepers, fun game machines, health pots for enjoying life, and smart personal care products that are essential at home are all their “foods”. The Scorpio, which has always been "defeated," prefers to play cool black technology. Their preferred smart product is "drone."

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