The first edition of the two sides of the strait "LED interface electrical specification grading and standards" will be released next month

It was learned from Shanghai that the first edition of the Cross-Strait "Electrical Specifications Classification and Standards for LED Interfaces" has been brewing for two years and will be nearing the furnace. It is expected to be announced on June 18.

Taiwanese industry insiders said that LED is the third trillion industry that Taiwan has high hopes for. The cross-strait LED win-win industry needs complementary advantages. Taiwan's technology is relatively mature. The mainland has a huge market. The two sides should break through the patent barrier and enhance world competitiveness. The mainland and Taiwan can only attack the world.

It is reported that the cross-strait LED industry bridging plan has been going on for many years. After many exchanges of opinions on technology and industrial development, many streetlight pilot projects have been carried out. Both parties have preliminary results in LED lighting applications. The market estimates that the LED market will flourish in 2013, and the LED lighting industry on both sides of the two gorges will pay close attention to the process of standardization, and the first edition of "LED Interface Electrical Specifications Rating and Standards" will be officially announced next month.

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