Analysis of the eight major problems and solutions in professional audio engineering

It is not easy to build a qualified and high-quality sound system. Whether it is a large-scale concert sound system or a small-scale KTV private room, professional audio technicians are required to make the best of every detail in the sound engineering Treatment. Below we will summarize some of the problems often encountered in professional audio engineering and the solutions to these problems. I hope to help you build your audio system.

1. The system level problem is that the power amplifier sensitivity control switch is not turned on enough. Secondly, the system does not make zero level adjustment. Sometimes the output of the mixer channel pushes a little bit is already very large, this situation will affect the dynamics and distortion of the system.

2. The common system interference of the line connection process is caused by the loud noise of the line connection process, and the system with balanced to unbalanced and unbalanced to balanced connections must be connected according to the standard, and do not use inferior connectors .

3. The problem of signal distribution When there are several groups of speakers in the sound field, an equalizer is often used to distribute the signal to multiple power amplifiers to drive the speakers. But at the same time, it is also possible that different brands and models of amplifiers and speakers are used together. This distributes signals to bring many problems, whether the impedance is matched, whether the level distribution is balanced, whether the power obtained by the speakers is normal, and it is difficult to adjust it with a balanced Frequency characteristics of sound field and speakers.

4. The effect loop processing should take the post signal of the fader to avoid the uncontrolled effect caused by the microphone howling, and return to conditionally occupy one channel, so that debugging is more convenient.

5. The frequency adjustment problem of the graphic equalizer is common. There are three spectrum wave shapes of swallow-shaped peak-shaped wave-shaped. The above waveforms are all artificially imagined by the tuner. In fact, they are not the waveforms actually required by the sound field. The frequency characteristic curve of the sound field should be relatively flat. If one adjusts the frequency characteristic curve of the sound field artificially, one can imagine that the result is contrary to expectations.

6. Bass signal processing The first kind does not do electronic frequency division and uses the full frequency signal to directly drive the speaker to the power amplifier; the second kind does not know where to extract the bass signal from the system for processing. If you don't do electronic frequency division, use full-frequency signals to directly drive the amplifier to the amplifier. Although the speaker has sound and the unit will not be burned, it can be imagined that the low unit sends full-frequency sound; but if the signal is obtained from an inappropriate position in the system It will also bring unnecessary trouble to the on-site control.

7. The common problem of pressure limiter adjustment is that the decoration does not work at all and the effect is excessive. The former can be used, the latter will seriously affect the dynamics of the system, which is manifested as the sound can not be produced. The obvious performance is that the stronger the accompaniment sound, the vocal will naturally weaken and the singer will be at a loss.

8. Control problems The mixer is the control center of the system. Sometimes the high, medium and low EQ balances on the mixer are boosted or attenuated by the same large degree, which means that the system has not been adjusted well, and the system needs to be debugged again. Do not adjust the mixer too much. EQ.

The above points are not all very complicated problems. As long as we pay attention during the installation and debugging, we can avoid some mistakes and make our sound engineering achieve the expected results.

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