Texas Instruments vehicle sensor (vehicle hydraulic valve) solution

Texas Instruments vehicle sensor solution (vehicle hydraulic valve)

Hydraulic valve

The hydraulic valve indicates the flowing liquid medium, usually the oil from its input port to its output port. The direction of oil flow is determined by the spool, driven by the position of the linear force motor:

The core subsystem includes:

Power conversion

• Provide isolation valve power, external busbars and 24V auxiliary supplies between the galvanic couples. It also provides regulated power supply voltages for individual function blocks.

On-site bus interface and control

• Provide galvanic isolation between the system controller and the field bus signal. The system controller switches the valve to command the on-site bus of dsp from the incoming data. It will also translate the valve information of the on-site bus signal from the DSP.

Valve control

• Perform print positioning behind the scenes, and pressure and temperature measurement. It also indicates the alarm condition.

The field bus system controller of the valve controller passes the linear force motor (LVDT = linear variable differential transformer) from the position command and the drive to the output signal of the position sensor equal to the input value of the position command. At the same time, pressure and temperature are monitored. The alarm condition indicates that if one of these sensors exceeds a preset safety value.

Block diagram

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