TD-LTE trial enters inflection point, three enterprises push multimode chips

Cao Shumin, director of the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, introduced the latest developments in TD-LTE at an industry conference. Currently, 8 of the 11 system manufacturers have completed technical test tests. Six of the ten chip terminal companies participating in the test completed technical test tests, of which three completed large-scale test tests. In addition, participants in TD-LTE testing include Telecom Unicom and more than 10 test instrument manufacturers.

"The first manufacturer to complete the technical test experiment will be the first to enter the scale test. When some manufacturers enter the scale test, some manufacturers are still conducting technical tests, which is a full-blown process." Cao Shumin said.

It is understood that the manufacturers that have completed the technical test include Huawei, Nokia Siemens Networks, ZTE, Datang, Shanghai Bell, Motorola, Ericsson, and Fiberhome. The companies under test include Xinyoutong, Putian and Samsung.

"There are 11 system manufacturers participating in the technical test and testing, 8 of which have been completed, and 7 of these 8 manufacturers have also completed the scale test. 10 of these 11 manufacturers have established scale test networks in 6 cities The construction of the network scale test, technical test test and scale test test are all carried out in parallel. "Cao Shumin introduced.

She introduced that from the chip point of view, six of HiSilicon, Chuangyi Video, Qualcomm, Aite, ZTE Microelectronics and Saiken have completed the technical test and entered the scale test, of which 3 have completed the scale test. Lianxin, Zhongyouxinke, Spreadtrum and STMicroelectronics are conducting technical tests.

"HiSilicon and Chuangyi Video have completed all system interoperability tests. If according to the conditions for entering the scale test from the technical test, there are already 6 chip companies that have the conditions to enter the scale test." Cao Shumin pointed out.

"In terms of the development and verification of the TD-LTE terminal conformance test system, radio frequency and protocols are basically synchronized with FDDLTE, and resource management is expected to be synchronized with FDDLTE in the first half of next year."

For the next stage of TD-LTE two-stage testing, Cao Shumin said that so far, 7 system manufacturers and 3 chip manufacturers have completed single-mode testing, which is in line with the requirements for entering the second stage of testing. Three chip terminal manufacturers have already provided multi-mode terminals, which are being commissioned in the laboratory and can enter the second phase of the scale test next month.

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