BLADE and Voltaire launch high-density 10Gb Ethernet network solution

High-density 10Gb Ethernet network solution (BLADE and Voltaire)

BLADE and Voltaire jointly launched the industry's highest density 10Gb Ethernet data center switching network.

Based on Voltaire ’s Vantage ™ 8500 Layer 2 core switch and BLADE ’s RackSwitch ™ G8124 top-of-rack switch, users with ultra-low latency servers and CEE storage connectivity can build a flat data center network with more than 3400 10Gb Ethernet ports to achieve 11.52T of non-blocking and lossless switching capacity per second.

The massively expanded Voltaire-BLADE solution can provide an end-to-end delay of only 2.4 microseconds. While other switching schemes will seriously affect performance, the delay is 16 times as much as the former or as high as 10-40 microseconds. The Voltaire-BLADE solution also optimizes Ethernet through Voltaire Messaging Accelerator â„¢ (VMA â„¢) software, which further reduces application delays and provides users with more competitive advantages in high-frequency trading areas.

The solution also uses Voltaire and BLADE's other software to enhance the management of virtualized data centers and cloud environments. Voltaire ’s new Unified Fabric Manager ™ (UFM ™) 3.0 software can coordinate end-to-end virtual machine connectivity and centrally manage multi-vendor Ethernet network resources in a unified environment composed of Voltaire ’s Vantage 8500 and BLADE ’s RackSwitch G8124. The solution also features BLADE's unique VMready ™ virtualization-aware network. When the virtual machine moves, the network strategy also moves automatically. At the same time, it also supports FCoE / CEE standards, so that users can build the industry's most scalable converged data and storage network.

About Voltaire-BLADE 3,400 port intelligent 10Gb Ethernet switch network solution

The top-level data center network must support the expansion from hundreds of ports to thousands of ports to meet the requirements of high-capacity, non-blocking 10Gb Ethernet switches. The unique capabilities of the Voltaire-BLADE solution enable simplified, flat, and horizontal Expanded networks are possible. By clustering up to 12 Voltaire Vantage 8500 core switches and BLADE RackSwitch G8124 top-of-rack switches, users can expand a data center to tens of thousands of servers, and the efficiency and port prices remain unchanged, layered with traditional Compared with network solutions, it does not reduce performance or increase latency.

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