Domestic smart transformer technology needs to be improved

The development of modern society can not be separated from electricity. As the most important energy source, electricity supports the operation of various types of machinery. Without electricity, there is no modern society. Therefore, the construction of power grids is an important link in the infrastructure construction related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. This year, with the development of China's national economy, the gradual deepening of modernization, and the continuous advancement of science and technology, China's power grid construction has also entered a new stage. The emergence of smart transformers has a landmark significance for grid construction. In recent years, the country has vigorously promoted the construction of smart grids and strived to catch up in this area and reach the world's advanced level.

As humans enter the information age, computer automation technology has gradually gained popularity and application, and traditional grid technologies should also be transformed. Smart grids are developed based on modern information technologies. Compared with traditional grids, smart grids operate more smoothly and can make electric power more reliable and safe. Moreover, with the automation control technology, the smart grid has a better automatic resource optimization capability, which has a positive effect on promoting electricity conservation. At the same time, with the gradual development of new energy vehicles and other industries, the smart grid will provide a supporting implementation network for the development of these new energy industries, and promote China's development towards a low-carbon environment.

The smart transformer is the core device of the smart grid, and it is precisely due to the continuous improvement of the smart transformer technology that it can advance the construction of the smart grid in China. It is believed that the research of the transformer industry in the field of smart transformers in China has a certain gap with foreign countries. The technology of many products is not stable enough, and many problems have also been exposed in the application of the current smart grid. In the next few years, as China's economic growth slows, the country may slow down the construction of smart grids.

Looking into the future of China's power grid construction, China's transformer network believes that the smart grid is still the mainstream trend of future power grid construction. China's transformer industry must speed up research and development, strive to achieve the autonomous production of smart transformers, and contribute the most to the construction of China's smart grid.

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