Longda electronic LED lighting locks the high point of the European and American markets Q2 or Q3

AUO Group's Lunda Electronics recently announced a 40-watt to 75-watt incandescent lamp to replace the LED full-angle dimmable light bulb with an illumination angle greater than 320 degrees. Also announced a series of dimmable LED PAR projection lamps and Candle bulbs, this series of products focus on the quality of lighting and LED penetration rate in Japan, Europe and the United States and other markets.

Ronda has a place in LED lamp products. This year, in the field of light bulbs, it is actively developing both high-quality light quality and cost-effective products, in line with the expectations of LED products in the European and American markets.

At present, the capacity utilization rate of Lunda has been increased to 60% to 70%. It is expected that the capacity utilization rate will continue to increase in the future, and the second or third season will have the opportunity to see the high point of the industry. In addition, this year, Ronda will continue to expand the lighting product assembly line in the Suzhou plant in mainland China to reduce production costs and achieve economic scale.

Led Ball String Light

Best decoration for Christmas tree, outdoor trees, porch, around the patio table umbrella, Xmas, wedding, birthday party, outside, indoor.

Each string lights has a socket that can be connected to another string lights for infinite extension .Fairy lights with soft wire is very flexible to hang in kids bedroom,tent,etc.

Waterproof IP67, Non-friable ,not overheat, high voltage protection, cool to the touch.

 The bulbs are each one color a piece, which I didn't know when I bought this, but I'm alright with that. They're cute, the frosted white globe over the LED bulb is nice. The colors, in order, are Blue, Orange (or dark yellow), Green, and Red, like you might find on traditional multicolor lights. The picture looks like there's purple or teal lights, but that's not true. The remote came with a battery, which was cool. The length stretches over my entire porch, exactly, which was a great surprise.

Led Ball String Light

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