Leading LED "core technology" attracts world giants to place orders

Wenzhou traditional electrical appliance manufacturer Tongling Technology Group announced that it has entered the LED optoelectronic industry, and plans to import 68 sets of high-end special equipment into the factory. Recently, three of the world's top European and American equipment manufacturers have come to the market and compete for the purchase order worth US$25.25 million. Followed by the other two international equipment manufacturers also said that they will not participate in the competition.

The three LED equipment manufacturers are Veeco in the US, Suss in Germany, and Aixtron in Germany. In the past few days, the engineers of these manufacturers have come up with detailed technical solutions tailored to them, in order to obtain more order shares.

When the hero posts are out, the European and American groups are full of talents, which shows the charm of the general. To a certain extent, this reflects the international influence after winning the first case of intellectual property rights between China and the United States. More importantly, the general choice in the promotion of transformation strategy, timing is a matter of choice. Chen Wusheng, chairman of Tongling Technology Group, said that the current global economy is in a downturn, and European and American companies are pursuing self-insurance and vigorously promoting and transferring leading technology equipment. We choose the economic downturn and undoubtedly gain a greater say in ourselves.

In addition to the timing, the high starting point of the general will also take the initiative. It is reported that the LED manufacturing process is divided into three steps, the upstream process is the epitaxial wafer production, the midstream process is the chip manufacturing, and the downstream process is the finished package. Among them, the technology of chips and epitaxial wafers is the highest in the industry chain, and the project is in this field.

At present, there are less than 10 chips and epitaxial wafers that can be mass-produced in China. Among them, there are fewer manufacturers of epitaxial wafers and chips for producing high-power white LEDs. Many domestic chip manufacturers basically purchase epitaxial wafers from abroad and Taiwan. Processing into chips, so the development of the domestic LED industry has been subject to people. Domestic post-processing enterprises (downstream enterprises) can only import epitaxial wafers and chips at high prices, resulting in the development of the entire industry far from meeting the rapid development of the market. Chen Wusheng introduced that the launch of the project will break the monopoly of foreign developed countries on the production technology of LED new materials epitaxial wafers, the fabrication of epitaxial wafers and chips for high-power white LEDs, and solve the bottleneck problem affecting the LED industry.

To this end, Tongling Technology Group and Taiyuan University of Technology have joined forces to form an LED R&D center, and introduced 30 PhDs in the LED R&D and manufacturing fields in Japan, Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom to target the world's high-end advanced technologies. China LED core.

It is reported that during the year, the company will build an annual output of 240,000 pieces of high-power white LED epitaxial wafers, with an annual output of 240 million chips, with an annual output value of 720 million yuan. Leading this LED core technology will greatly drive the production of downstream packaging manufacturers, with an estimated annual production of up to 3 billion yuan. Will greatly promote the development of the industry. At present, companies such as Concentration Technology and Qiaoming Optoelectronics have entered the LED packaging field and will benefit from the near future.


Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a new type of light source developed in the late twentieth century. High-power white LED lighting fixtures based on high-brightness blue LEDs can be used in the field of lighting to replace the widely used incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and other lighting fixtures, which will trigger another lighting industry after Edison invented incandescent lamps. revolution. According to statistics, the average annual growth rate of LED will remain at around 40%. As the luminous efficiency of semiconductor light sources increases, new products continue to emerge, and the application fields of products will continue to expand.

China's LED industry will usher in the peak of development in 2010. After 3 months, LED energy-saving sector will be boosted by 15%. French lighting master Roger: Lighting does not compete


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