Tender Notice for Mine Flameproof LED Roadway Lights

Title: Mining Explosion-proof LED Roadway Light Tender Notice Tender No.: Announcement Date: February 27, 2009 Deadline: March 3, 2009 Tendering Agency: Province: Shaanxi Province - Yulin Land... Content: Serial number and specifications Model unit unit price (RMB yuan) Subtotal (RMB yuan) Manufacturer and brand production license number Coal safety certificate number Remarks
270 mine explosion-proof LED roadway light; DGS48/127L 盏26
271 Mine Flameproof LED Roadway Light; DGS24/127L(A) Set 10
Quotation requirements: 1. The manufacturer and brand must be indicated in the quotation; 2. The price quoted is 17% tax (17% VAT ticket after winning the bid); including freight; 3. Indicate the arrival time; 4. Delivery according to the designated place; 5. Indicate the standard according to the product manufacturing (acceptance); 6. Indicate the preferential conditions and service commitment; 7. Request the production license, coal safety certificate and explosion-proof certificate, 3C certification, etc. The certificate product must provide the certificate number or photocopy; 8. The quotation must be stamped with the official seal and the quotation person's signature. After sealing, it will be put into the first office building 1# or 2# mailbox within the specified time; 9. The bidder is The cover of the quotation envelope must be filled with the plan application number, the name of the salesperson and the name of the quotation unit and the contact number; 10. Only one quotation is allowed for one envelope, and one envelope is shared for not many quotations; 11. The inquiry deadline The time is: before 8 o'clock on March 3, 2009. If the supplier does not fill out the quotation according to the above requirements, it shall be disposed of according to the scrap. Company Name: Shendong Coal Branch Material Supply Center Contact: Li Caiping Tel: 0912-8224051 E-mail: Fax: Postal Code: Address:

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