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High-end dialogue - Interview with Yue Qiang, general manager of NVC Guangdong Operations Center

Yue Qiang, General Manager of NVC Guangdong Operations Center: You entered the lighting industry in 1995. You are very familiar with the industry and have access to many lighting companies. Why did you choose NVC?
Yue Qiang: In 1999, I started to work as a dealer of NVC. NVC has just started, but at that time I have been doing it in the lighting industry for almost 5 years. It should be said that the industry, products and market are relatively familiar. NVC is a new brand, but since I first came into contact with NVC products, I think the brand will be successful. NVC's products are comparable in quality and shape to the imported products at the time. It is not easy for a start-up company. I firmly believe that a brand that values ​​product quality and innovation hides the value of huge investment. Such a company will not only bring wealth to the channel, but also bring opportunities to realize the ideal of the business.
Reporter: From 1994 to the present, what changes have you experienced in the lighting industry? In the process, what characteristics do you see in the development of NVC?
Yue Qiang: I should be glad that I have chosen the lighting industry and experienced more than 10 years of rapid development in this industry in China. In the past, we all bought high-end lighting products. Because the logistics industry is not developed, the industry supporting ability is poor, the information is not smooth, and the channel providers can't find good products. The choice of consumers is very limited and they pay a high price. Later, logistics was solved, and a professional market was formed. However, in 1997, the Asian financial crisis hit the market again. The blind pursuit of cheap goods consumption led to a large number of inferior products flooding the market until 1999, after the economic recovery, to NVC A number of domestic brands represented by the market began to rise, and the market began to gradually become on the right track. From 1999 to the present, it is the golden development period of China's lighting industry. The branded operation of lighting enterprises has promoted the healthy and rapid development of this industry, and this momentum is still continuing.
The biggest feature of NVC's development is to carry out high-end positioning from the beginning: to make first-class products, build first-class brands, and cultivate channel competitiveness. These three factors determine NVC's success today, become the industry's leading brand, and contribute to the development of the entire industry.
Reporter: There are many temptations to be a channel business association. What power is supporting you to insist on specializing in NVC in the past 10 years?
Yue Qiang: Before that, I also operated some other brands, mainly lanterns. Later, all of them were cleared and I exclusively operated NVC products. There are many opportunities to make money, including when the stock market and the housing market are hot, I don’t do it, but put all the money and manpower into the market development of NVC. Frankly speaking, since the operation of NVC, my gains have been rich. In addition to the accumulation of wealth, what is more valuable to me is to turn me from a simple shop owner to a real marketing. My company has achieved corporatization. In the field of lighting marketing services in Guangdong, it has already had strong competitiveness in terms of scale and specialization. On the other hand, when I first started doing NVC sales, the professionalism of NVC market personnel and the service awareness of dealers touched me. I believe that NVC will be bigger and stronger, so it is worthy of my maximum investment. It is worthy of giving up my unrelated business.
Reporter: What is your plan for the market of the NVC Guangdong Operations Center?
Yue Qiang: The markets to which the Guangdong Operations Center belongs are economically developed regions. Although the competition is fierce, the market potential is huge, and there is still much room for improvement. In recent years, I have put all my profits into the market in a continuous and unreserved manner. The foundation has been laid a solid foundation. The next step is how to make the market deeper and deeper, especially to seize the large-scale engineering and brand chain customers and release the operation. The center's potential in design, engineering, and service has maintained the rapid growth of NVC in the Guangdong market.
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