Police equipment LED public tender notice

Entrusted by the purchaser to conduct government procurement of the projects and services mentioned in the second part of this document by means of open tendering and procurement, qualified suppliers are welcome to participate in the bidding.

I. Item No.: PTCG2008016-G-3

Second, the project name: mobile video transmission system, LED display

Third, the bidder qualification requirements:

1. A domestic supplier or manufacturer with legal person status, which has been approved by the industry and commerce to produce goods or services as described in this bidding document.

2. Compliance with the conditions stipulated in Article 22 of the Procurement Law;

3. Two or more bidders may form a consortium and bid as a bidder.
3-1. The joint bid must comply with the provisions of Article 24 of the Procurement Law.
3-2. Either party in the consortium may not jointly bid on the same goods separately or jointly with other bidders.

4. When the bidder has one of the following related circumstances, the bidder may not bid at the same time in the same goods bidding.
4-1. The legal representative is two legal persons or two or more legal persons of the same person or immediate family members of the same person.
4-2. The parent company, the invested company that directly or indirectly holds 50% or more of the shares.
4-3. All invested companies that are directly or indirectly holding 50% or more of the same parent company.

5. Other qualification conditions for bidders are required for each contract package.

4. Bidding documents obtained: The bidders directly download the bidding documents from the Putian City Bidding Center website , , At the same time, the relevant clarifications, changes and Q&A minutes of the bidding shall be downloaded through the online enquiry on the 15th day before the deadline for submitting the bidding documents, and the website shall be posted on the website 3 days before the deadline for submitting the bidding documents to see if there is any notice of deferred bid opening.

V. Time for answering questions: 15 pm on September 12, 2008;

6. Deadline for submission of bid documents and time for bid opening: 9:00 am on September 28, 2008, overdue delivery will not be accepted;

VII. Bid Opening Location: Putian City Bidding Center, 4th Floor, Building 7, Putian Municipal Government.

8. Bid security: The bidder must pay the bid bond: the bidder shall pay no less than RMB 1000 yuan, and the guarantee shall be deposited in the form of transfer, wire transfer or cash account at 9:00 am on the opening date. City bidding center account (subject to the account, does not accept cash, does not refund cash). Please indicate the number of the purchase document on the remittance voucher.

Account Name: Putian City Bidding Center Bank: Agricultural Bank of China Putian Chengxiang Branch City Office Branch Account Number: 13441501040000188
IX. Contact: Xiao Gao, Xiao Chen Address: 4th Floor, Building 7, Business Building, Putian City, Post Code: 351100
Tel: (0594) 2639728, 2639718, 2221219 Fax: (0594) 2639718

Putian City Government Procurement Center September 8, 2008


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