LM-1/LM-2 fuse holder is an improved blade model based on the former Soviet Union's technology. It has multiple characteristics such as anti-vibration, high stability and applicability under wide-range of current etc. The fuse holder is widely used in power protection of ships, industrial controlling equipment and large vehicles. By using the fuse holder with Songshan's fuse BGXC-1/BGDC-1, the range of current could be extended to the overload protection at Maximum 60A. With two years of technical breakthrough, this fuse made of high strength elastic copper material performs its excellent properties in various models of ships and industrial controlling equipment in these years.
A=Model                     B= Dimensions     
C= Current/Voltage             D=For Fuse-Links  
E= Plug in and Take off Force     F= Contact Resistance  
G= Dielectric Strength           H= Insulation
A=LM-1/ LM-2              

With Hemeixin Optical PCB connections, high-speed data signals can run closer to their electrical signal sources than ever before

Optical PCB

We developed some process for high power automatic application and some 10 oz board and 10+2 oz board in production now. The later one has different copper thickness on the same layer. However, this process is complicate and cost is high. Recently, follow our automotive customer's requirement, we start to develop the "bus bar" PCB. This technology embeding thick copper bar into PCB for carrying large current. The process is not special to us for we already have lots of experience in coin embedding PCB (please see my other articles). Since many of the high power circuits do not need to use thick copper everywhere. This design can save material cost and PCB weight. Different copper thickness foil can be put into same layer. The resin flows into the thick copper pattern space is also easy. Besides, the bus bar play a roll of heat sink. The high power component can sit on the coin surface for heat transfer.  

Optical PCB

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