Salute the classic Sony earplugs EX650AP

Sony's mid-end dynamic coil is back! The second son's moving iron and the third son's ring iron were born soon. The aunt's pain has been a few years. It was thought that the eldest son's dynamic circle was stocked, especially the earplugs. In the past 3 years, I have not released a decent new product. I didn’t expect it to be a blockbuster. The new in-ear MDR-EX650AP is returning to the low-end market. The price is only 499 yuan. And the brass brushed casing, multi-device compatible with wire control, pan-popular The equipment such as tuning is complete. As for the second son and the third son, I don’t remember.
Salute to the classics Sony dynamic earplugs EX650AP
In recent years, the shift of the center of the Sony headset product line directly formed the vacuum zone of the dynamic earplugs. The previous generation flagship dynamic coil plug EX600, the low-end model EX510 delisted one after another, handing over the earplugs to the moving iron The hot technology of the ring iron, and even the top pillar of the EX1000, the dynamic coil plug is almost dying. But the market reaction once again proves that the dynamic circle is still the mainstream. If Sony wants to restore the strength of the dynamic circle, it is useless to show its sincerity. Fortunately, the EX650AP has been killed and is ready to play a beautiful turnaround.
Salute to the classics Sony dynamic earplugs EX650AP
The first is the material on the heart, familiar with the EX series of friends is not difficult to find, EX650AP is simply the first version of the EX flagship EX90 reissue, large metal shell is quite popular, compared to the future generations of EX500, EX510 The material of the Tuen Mun can't be tolerated. And the shell of the EX650AP is actually made of brass. It is equipped with the classic drawing process. It is far superior to the EX90 in texture and workmanship. It is both elegant and not lacking in fashion.
Salute to the classics Sony dynamic earplugs EX650AP
Another important change comes from the earplug wire. Unlike the softer and sleek products, the EX650AP's headphone cable has toughness, and the surface texture of the wire-like rope effectively reduces the winding of the wire. At the same time, the 3.5mm gold-plated plug phase It is also a great improvement in the workmanship. It is no longer just a mediocre plastic. It is replaced by the high-quality design that the flagship will use. With its intentional work, the EX650AP can’t be second only to the EX1000 flagship. But it is also the second hand of Sony's dynamic earplugs, quite the same as the EX90.
Salute to the classics Sony dynamic earplugs EX650AP
In addition to paying tribute to the classics, Sony is also actively pioneering, especially in the tide of catching up with smartphone earphones. Many of its products are equipped with a line control compatible with a variety of smart phones. EX650AP is no exception, its single-button remote control Can be used in Android, iOS, BlackBerry and other multi-platform, through the custom Smart Key application can also customize the button operation. With Sony's brand influence in the attention to sound quality, with a full range of earplugs product line aggressive line of attack The strategy of controlling the headset market is correct. It meets the needs of the market and then introduces mature products with moderate price. This is the positioning of the EX650AP. It takes courage to say goodbye to the past. The EX650AP abandoned the vertical in-ear design that used two generations and returned to the tradition. The oblique insertion into the ear. At the same time, the cavity part has been modified to make it more round and smooth, which helps to reduce the friction between the earplug and the ear, and firmly fits the ear canal. Therefore, the EX650AP is very comfortable to wear. The ear does not have any foreign body sensation at all, and it is not tired for a long time and the sound insulation effect is good.
Salute to the classics Sony dynamic earplugs EX650AP
Finally, we can talk about the most important sound quality. The sound of EX650AP is still worth talking about. In fact, in addition to the first generation EX flagship EX90, the back EX700, EX500, EX510 and other earplugs mostly have the sound style of the sword. It should be regarded as a kind of experimental tuning by Sony. The EX650AP has a clear tribute to the classics in both design and sound. This classic is undoubtedly EX90. So the sound style of EX650AP can be used as "cool". The sensible "to describe, there is no too sharp alternative practice, the specific performance is calm and meticulous.
Salute to the classics Sony dynamic earplugs EX650AP
The EX90 is often praised by Sony headphones for its light and balanced small clean style. The EX650AP follows the EX90 route, but it has made up for the weak vocal performance by slightly improving and recalibrating the analysis. Said EX650AP is Sony's first work that can be called "vocal plug", with Sony Ericsson's most thorough and bright voice in recent years, especially the warm and sweet female voice is very MDR-1RMK2 style. Combined with EX90 that slender The feelings, EX650AP vocals occupy a considerable proportion in the entire sound field, with excellent appeal. As the saying goes, there is a cloud "the middle frequency gets the world", although I do not agree with this statement, but the EX650AP really understand this, in Sony earplugs products are unique.
Salute to the classics Sony dynamic earplugs EX650AP
In fact, the bass effect has always been the eye-catching ability of Sony's dynamic earplugs. Even though it doesn't have much volume, there is no legendary heavy bass, but Sony's low frequency is a little more connotation than other brands. It is "alcohol" in one word, and the bass in the heart is the most beautiful. The 2B card can only be counted on the head, so you don't need the low-frequency features of the EX650AP. Very classic savory taste, thick but not greasy, soft and not scattered, lingering, leaving only the fragrance.
Salute to the classics Sony dynamic earplugs EX650AP
Since both of them have been working so hard on the intermediate frequency and the low frequency, what about the high pitch of the EX650AP? At a limited price, the component of the treble is indeed weaker. Let’s not talk about the vocals of the EX650AP too much, and their own resolution. It is also a bottleneck. When encountering a slightly dynamic vocal and instrumental music, the image is very messy. The medium and high frequency details of the EX650AP are not as rich as the middle and low frequencies, so the instrumental music can only be restored. It’s not the feeling of snagging.
Salute to the classics Sony dynamic earplugs EX650AP
The low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency of the EX650AP are combined with the popular sound style. It is Sony's earphone tuning in recent years. It maintains a balanced color and faces all kinds of styles. At the time, it is mainly based on vocals, the bass is supplemented, and the instrumental music is second. This "not bad" processing method. And the EX650AP is very good, and an iPhone and a low-end music player are enough. Its ability. In one sentence, comment on the sound quality of EX650AP: the comprehensive enhanced version of EX90, the earphone version of MDR-1RMK2.
Salute to the classics Sony dynamic earplugs EX650AP
With careful workmanship and classic sound quality, EX650AP is a good interpretation of Sony's unique scent. The difference is that this time it is also really priced in the price, 499 yuan is really worthy of Sony's low-end products. The price is not low, the quality has not been reduced, and the quality has been significantly improved. It is not unreasonable after the listing. Sony wants to have its own place in the moving circle, moving iron and circle iron, the layout of the latter two. Already completed, EX650AP represents a new work of Sony Dynamics. Sound quality, quality, multi-device compatible wire control, but also do not affect the status of their own moving iron, ring iron, and Can fill the vacuum zone of high cost performance, EX650AP is a product that aims at this.

GPS+WIFI+LBS multiple location
Multiple control mode ( APP and handheld deivce can control simultaneously )

Vibration,Sound,Electric shock,voice playing multiple training mehtods)

groups, network groups( connect with APP of background server )

man and dogs intercom (Open field 9KM intercom) (UHF 400MHz – 480MHz)
IP67 grade waterproof
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Pet Tracker Concept

Pet Tracker, using GPS/ Beidou Positioning and GSM/WCDMA network combined with real-time positioning and image transfer function (WCDMA). The product has the advantages of convenient use, high supervision efficiency, low maintenance cost, and safe and healthy pets, no electromagnetic radiation pollution, safe use and ect. Each device has an independent recognition of IMEI identification number, when the data upload background, the user with the APP client of the smart phone, can complete the positioning of the pet, track tracking, photo upload, etc.. Can be used in pet outdoor positioning and trajectory tracking, automatic access management, notification message, especially in lost pet increasingly serious today, pet safety management and real-time tracking demand more and more intense, the products with its excellent performance, high reliability and high price for pet lovers provides successful solutions.

Pet Tracker function

Shorcking Training 

1 this product is built in GSM communication module to realize data exchange.

(2) the waterproof grade of the product reaches IP67 grade.

(3) with the camera function, to achieve the camera and position synthesis, automatic reporting location information

(5) real-time query location

(6) SOS emergency alarm

(7) electronic fence

(9): low voltage low voltage alarm will prompt charging, and upload information to the low voltage, charging

(10) a built-in accelerometer

(11): power monitoring information locator is uploaded

(13) button: button instructions can also be used to help the police

(14) ultra low power consumption, long standby time

(16) online platform synchronization tracking system

(17) support APP issued instructions




Characteristics of pet locator

1 power standards: working power for the micro watt level, standby power consumption 5mA

2 battery configuration: rechargeable lithium polymer battery, capacity 620mAh

3 packaging features: ABS engineering plastics, anti high strength drop and vibration, waterproof grade IP67. Anti tensile 30KG

4 environmental characteristics: the working temperature of 30 to 70 DEG C, working humidity is lower than 95%

5 size: 41 x 38 x 15mm, 100mm to 700mm adjustable straps

6 appearance part

(1) the positioning of the use of the pet harmless material, to ensure the safety of pets.

(2) the positioner with waterproof function, to meet the requirements of waterproof, dust, anti fall

- strap length not less than 16cm, the length can be adjusted between 16cm-22cm

The main module - width is less than 68mm

- wrist strap thickness not greater than 20mm

- part of the band width is less than 21mm

7 locator battery part

(1) waterproof pet locator magnetic interface charger, can easily take charge by.

(2) the battery weight is not more than 60g, the battery capacity is 620mAh, which is built in the locator.

(3) the battery can be repeated charging, charging time is not more than 1.5 hours.

(4) the longest battery standby time is not less than 7 days.

8 color: can be customized. Weight: 92g

9 reliable work: the product fully considered the lightning protection, waterproof, anti impact and other industrial environmental applications, production process in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality standard for multi link quality inspection.

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