High-resolution travel ELECOM EHP-SH1000 earplug experience

The brand ELECOM is very interesting. As a well-known peripheral manufacturer in Japan, it has launched almost all the peripheral products you can think of, such as mobile phone cases, film, LCD cleaning cloth, camera bag, portable amp and headphones, etc. The ELECOM thing is not bad, this is a bit like MUJI. Although there are many things but the quality is kept at a high level, it is interesting to be the owner of ELECOM and the former president of MUJI Matsui In fact, it is a good friend and invited to be the consultant of the current company. This also shows that the two companies still have the same idea in product production.
高解析之旅 ELECOM EHP-SH1000耳塞体验
My most impressive impression of ELECOM's audio products is the small gas stove - AHR192 portable amp. This little thing should be a very useful product for Apple users. It can improve certain sound quality. Some people don't want to go out. With the player, then the iPhone can pick up this one, and also can provide the function of the line control. After the cancellation of the 3.5mm interface of the iPhone 7 recently, it is estimated that the goods will be on fire for a while. Of course, I am not going to talk today. AHR192 portable amp, but talk about ELECOM's new flagship earbuds - EHP-SH1000.
As a flagship earphone, there must be some special places. This time ELECOM invited a well-known Japanese cartoonist, Mr. Shiro, to design headphones for him. When it comes to Shiro Orthodox, perhaps many of the tails of comics are very familiar, excellent. The comic work "Ghost in the Shell" is from his hand. In fact, as early as 2002, ELECOM has already developed a mouse with Mr. Shiro Masao. This cooperation is also on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of ELECOM, but some The feeling of special planning.
高解析之旅 ELECOM EHP-SH1000耳塞体验
There are not many things in the package, except for the headphone body, a leather storage box, a headphone cord with wheat, two pairs of different sizes of silicone sleeves, a winder and a manual. In particular, the leather storage box, The quality of its workmanship is quite good, just think that the size of this storage box is a bit large, and it is still a lot of space to put it in. If you make it smaller, you can not only carry it easily, but also be more refined.
高解析之旅 ELECOM EHP-SH1000耳塞体验
The design of the EHP-SH1000 aluminum cavity part is quite eye-catching, perhaps because it is designed by Shi Lang Orthodox, so it seems that there is always a sense of technology in the second dimension. This kind of mech is actually designed in Shi Lang’s authentic comics. I can often see it in it. It is obvious that he still loves such design elements in ten minutes. As for the plug, it is better to look at it. I think it is a subjective question. I still like everyone like it. I personally think it’s not bad, but it’s not good. Very outstanding, the workmanship has been upgraded a lot compared to the numerous HH1000 processes that have been spit out before.
高解析之旅 ELECOM EHP-SH1000耳塞体验
In fact, the design of the EHP-SH1000 cavity is not unique. The CKR9/CKR10 like the iron triangle is similar in shape, but there are large changes in the surface of the cavity. It is worth noting that the EHP-SH1000 and Like the CKR9/CKR10, it is a double-acting earplug. I don't know if it is a similar design structure because of the internal unit relationship.
高解析之旅 ELECOM EHP-SH1000耳塞体验
高解析之旅 ELECOM EHP-SH1000耳塞体验 Like most of the flagship earphones on the market, the EHP-SH1000 supports changing lines. The wire interface is MMCX, which is convenient for users to replace the upgrade line according to their own needs. In addition, the wheat line included in the package also facilitates the voice requirements of some users.
高解析之旅 ELECOM EHP-SH1000耳塞体验
In general, the EHP-SH1000 has no major problems in terms of workmanship and appearance, but the details may need to be handled. For example, I found that there are some glues left over from the EHP-SH1000. I think this should not appear on my flagship product. I hope that ELECOM can improve it.
This time, the EHP-SH1000 adopts a double-acting design. In fact, the double-acting earplugs on the market are not too small. Like the well-known JVC, the iron triangle, etc., the double-moving ring products have been introduced. JVC should be the earliest. The manufacturer who developed the double-action earplugs was once rated as black technology when it was launched. Nowadays, the double-acting coil plug is not too cold. Compared with the single moving coil, the advantage of the double moving coil is to make up for the moving coil unit. The lack of high frequency improves the sound density and the overall resolution, but the double moving coil is also facing the test of crossover technology. If the manufacturer's technology is not good, the sound made will easily lead to poor connection, resulting in The sound is hard and turbid.
高解析之旅 ELECOM EHP-SH1000耳塞体验
However, when I first heard the EHP-SH1000, I can confirm that there is no special connection problem. It is reported that ELECOM's R&D personnel have also debugged this flagship plug for a long time, and try to ensure that the EHP-SH1000 can reach an optimal level. Inside the chamber, the EHP-SH1000 uses a moving coil unit with a diameter of 11.6 mm and a diameter of 12.5 mm. The former is responsible for the high range and the latter is responsible for the driving of the middle and low range. The two are in the same form. Axle placement. In terms of diaphragm, EHP-SH1000 adopts a diaphragm structure called "Teijin Te Duolong Film", which is actually a kind of bio-diaphragm, although the name is indeed a feeling of two. However, the "Emperor" here is a large electronics company in Japan. The Tedron diaphragm is a bio-diaphragm made by a dream butterfly of Amazon. The low-end model CC1000 of ELECOM also uses this diaphragm. .
高解析之旅 ELECOM EHP-SH1000耳塞体验
I have a general understanding of the internal structure. In fact, I basically know the general sound style of the EHP-SH1000. It is inevitably a plug with high resolution. On the front end, I chose the X7 of Fei Ao (in the AM5 big). Power module), Astell & Kern AK300 and iPhone 7 + AHR192 portable amp, while also in order to make the sound better, also smashed the EHP-SH1000 in advance.
高解析之旅 ELECOM EHP-SH1000耳塞体验
First of all, let's use the AK300 with the EHP-SH1000. The overall sound style of the AK300 is neutral and natural. It doesn't stand up, it has a good feeling, and its sound is also very good. A Green Day's "Give Me Novacaine" "The sound of the drum sound at the beginning is slightly insufficient. It sounds a bit hollow and not compact enough. As I said before, the resolution of the EHP-SH1000 is really good. The instrument and the vocal pull are relatively easy to go. Distinguish. Although the EHP-SH1000 is a double-acting plug, its dynamic scent is not strong, the whole is on the upper plate, listening to rock is still a bit of a taste, not enough.
高解析之旅 ELECOM EHP-SH1000耳塞体验
Put on the Fei Ao X7, use the AM5's X7 can say that the thrust is amazing, the sound is strong, and the momentum should be improved compared to the AK300. Perhaps it is for this reason that the EHP-SH1000 under the X7 should look even more. Aggressive", the same "Give Me Novacaine", X7+EHP-SH1000 has full momentum, but the problem lies in some excitement, see personal preference. If the EHP-SH1000 is suitable for listening to the style of songs, I think it is Very suitable for listening to ACG, "sister's noise" this song I used to listen to a lot of plugs, but either control the bad teeth and cause irritation, or the sound is too soft to sound the sound of not wanting to shake legs, and X7+EHP -SH1000 is just right, the sound control is within an acceptable range, and the X7 also adds a lot of color to the sound. The whole sounds rather irritating, which makes me a little surprised.
高解析之旅 ELECOM EHP-SH1000耳塞体验
However, considering the particularity of ELECOM products, I also specially selected ELECOM's small gas stove AHR192 to connect to EHP-SH1000, to see if the same brand of things will have a sound bonus. Let me briefly introduce AHR192 Portable amp, its role is very simple, improve the sound level of iPhone / iPad, and support Hi-Res specifications of music, for the iPhone, with the AHR192 after the resolution, the sound field is wider, the sound lines are clearer, The sense of hearing is also better. I believe that the introduction of the iPhone 7 will make this type of external portable decoding amp better and more popular.
高解析之旅 ELECOM EHP-SH1000耳塞体验
高解析之旅 ELECOM EHP-SH1000耳塞体验
高解析之旅 ELECOM EHP-SH1000耳塞体验
iPhone 7 + AHR192 + EHP-SH1000 Such a combination, the first thing you can be sure is that the music sense is improved. This is actually related to the professional player's sound quality. I use Netease cloud music to listen to songs every day. Therefore, the sense of hearing here is also based on the platform of Netease Cloud Music. Of course, I also bought a member. To say hard quality, I don’t need to say that you guessed it is weaker than the above combination, but the improvement of music sense may be It will let more public users accept such sounds, which means that the sound applicability of such a combination is the widest. Under this combination, the EHP-SH1000 has the strongest dynamic scent and the overall sound is very warm, although the low frequency dive is still There is no shortage of fire, but there is no problem listening to a few popular ones.
高解析之旅 ELECOM EHP-SH1000耳塞体验
高解析之旅 ELECOM EHP-SH1000耳塞体验
In summary, the EHP-SH1000 is a high-resolution sound path with clear sound, clear lines, dynamic and transient performance, and a front-end machine with a recommended sound style. The potential is EHP- The SH1000 still has a certain level, and the quality of the front end of the big thrust will be even better. Of course, ordinary consumers who don't want to toss can consider the iPhone + AHR192 + EHP-SH1000, which is relatively more worry-free. In terms of aspect, the official price of the EHP-SH1000 is 1399 yuan. Personally, it is still worth the price. The sound quality has potential. The plug of the thousand yuan level should be considered a high cost-effective option.
高解析之旅 ELECOM EHP-SH1000耳塞体验
At present, cooperation between audio products and other fields is not uncommon. In particular, cooperation with the secondary unit is more frequent. Cross-domain cooperation can make users who like audio and like secondary elements more fresh and make audio products no longer So boring, but more personality and label, which is a good thing for the audio circle or the consumer. In other words, people who order custom plugs like to print some second-level logo on the panel. .

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