Meizu EP51 Headphones Review: Comfortable Analysis of the Delicious Bluetooth Benchmark

Foreword - As a headset industry, my view of Bluetooth:


In recent years, with the improvement of the supply chain technology, the use of two or three dollars of speakers in hundreds of thousands of dollars of Bluetooth headsets is not an industry insider, because in essence the price of the unit is related to the quality, but also because Bluetooth bottleneck problems Many manufacturers are not willing to use good speaker units.

The sound quality of Bluetooth products is generally so large that it is such a mainstream consciousness selection. The selection of a simple and stable raw material supply chain is completely based on the design and marketing packaging. The general mainstream tuning is through the adjustment of the DSP to the sound. It is also the practice of most Bluetooth headset brands at home and abroad.

The bottleneck of most Bluetooth headsets lies in the high bandwidth and experience in the design of the earphone circuit. Only a few HIFI brands will achieve a more complete tuning design from acoustic structure to speaker and circuit compensation DSP. This requires very experienced Design teams and supply chains are supportive and time consuming.

This is the reason why the tuning of the Bluetooth sound quality is in a very awkward field. The acoustic structure tuning can be used in the mainstream design idea, and it is purely part of the DSP compensation. Most of the Bluetooth headset sounds boring, vain, harsh, and layerless. The vocals and low frequencies are even like a bowl of sparse sesame paste. Even some large and small brands of Bluetooth headsets at home and abroad have small problems such as noise, pop, partial, stuck, and unstable signals, which are easily overlooked.

At present, the hottest BETAS wireless2 in foreign brands, this thousand-yuan flagship product is not too much in terms of sound quality, and JBL's reflect bt is quite good and even well-known in the earphone industry. Winning the former, this is also a highly differentiated product design from professional brands and consumer brands.

According to the information I obtained from the industry, Meizu's new EP51 headphones and JBL reflect bt are actually the same line of products, which makes me wonder if the sound of this product is at the same level, so this evaluation is also me. After the HD50, I began to evaluate the design skills of the Meizu Headphones team again.

About the appearance:

The author received the first version of the packaging, so you can not care about this packaging at all, but a little spit on the packaging style really do not feel that there is a level of design can be added, for the test version of the packaging I think can completely omit a lot of description.


The back packaging mainly describes the five characteristics of the product: Bluetooth 4.0 wireless design, strong magnetic anti-skid design, ergonomic earmuffs, micro-power technology 6-hour call, line control function compatible with mainstream system platform. The basic parameters are: CSR8645 chip solution, 8.6mm speaker unit, 16 ohm impedance design, maximum power 10mw, earphone sensitivity 88±3db, battery life is 6 hours.


However, after the EP51 headset was unpacked, the texture of the product really made me amazed. The CD50 of the HD50 continued to the EP51. This matte and CD pattern matched the HD50. less. The red wire and the black three-button wire control part slightly give me some spit and this silver match, the overall color system is more biased towards the result of the sporty wind, the individual prefers a strong texture or a small fresh trend.


The shape of the earphones is rounded with a square structure and a round metal threaded bulge. I still can't help but feel that the accessories army likes to move a laser knife, but this time the usage is quite correct. Therefore, this kind of design still makes people feel that the texture is very good, especially in the square circular structure space to balance the volume and line decoration for the circuit and battery arrangement.


The three-button operation of Meizu EP51 Bluetooth sports headphones is defined by the addition and subtraction of the symbol to control the volume. The middle square concave button is responsible for playing and pausing. If the song is cut, the upper and lower music is long press plus or minus button, and the pairing presses the concave button to turn on the blue. After the lights flash, the pairing starts, and it is as simple as pressing the recess button. The only thing that can be spit is the concave key. The square feel is normal and there is no mark. There is no blue light to indicate the operation status confirmation when the volume is adjusted. However, it is reasonable to consider that the earphone is worn on the neck.


As a Bluetooth headset, the EP51 has a microphone design. The microphone is placed on the back of the headset. After the speaker is installed, the distance between the microphone and the mouth is very reasonable. Therefore, the pickup and the directivity are quite good. The EP51 headphone cable uses a high-purity oxygen-free copper core with built-in Kevlar material and TPE outer skin. It is good for skin-friendly and anti-allergic to headphones.


The charging port of Meizu EP51 earphone is on the side of the microphone, and it is designed with dustproof glue to avoid moisture corrosion and dust. Although the battery capacity is not indicated, it takes only 1.5-2 hours to fully charge, and the design with a battery life of more than 6 hours is quite good.


Regarding the acoustic structure, the EP51 earphone adopts a well-designed stencil design with a plastic raised card position for easy positioning and wearing of the silicone sleeve, while the steel mesh cover has a certain bonus to the brightness enhancement brightness extension. effect.


For the sound damping design, there is a hole position under the earphone mouthpiece as the sound adjustment design. In this hole position, we can also adjust the curve style adjustment of the sound by using the acoustic damping material.


The EP51 earphone accessory is provided with four sets of three sizes of ergonomic silicone sleeves. The silicone sleeve design is mainly based on the common support form of the ear canal and the ear canal of the ear canal, which effectively reduces the ear canal load pressure and the reasonable distribution of the wearing pressure. of. Recently, I tried to bring a sputum and I didn't feel tired or painful all day, so the natural and foreign sense of wearing was very good.


In addition, the EP51 earphone also comes with a storage box, which is convenient for waterproofing and waterproofing in the bag. It feels very beautiful when the earphone is placed inside.


About the pairing speed of the EP51 Bluetooth sports headphones, it is quite good, you can find the complete pairing in the basic ten seconds, and the fluency of the signal and sound are quite stable. There is no sound and no noise, so it is the first time to get involved in the Bluetooth headset. Meizu is a bit too powerful to play.


Sound quality evaluation:


EP51 Bluetooth sports headphones support APTX HD encoding technology. Compared with traditional SBC encoding technology, Bluetooth can have higher bandwidth and sound audio wide display and richer details. Currently, IPHONE6SP mobile phone cannot support it, but domestic Meizu And VIVO and other manufacturers generally support this technology in the middle and high-end models, so the Android platform is targeted at two mainstream APTX products.


Sound field performance:


As the biggest problem in the Bluetooth headset part, the sound field is limited by the bottleneck of the high and low frequency bandwidth. The traditional SBC encoding method is easy to attenuate the extremely high frequency. The APTX encoding technology improves the resolution of the bit rate and the bandwidth to some extent. Therefore, the sound field of the EP51 headphones that cooperates with the APTX mobile phone will achieve the maximum effect, based on the sound style under such standards.

The EP51 earphones present a close-in indoor medium-sized sound field with a very good depth and width balance. For the big movie scenes and concerts, the basic reproduction and highlighting of the main details can be achieved. There is no depression of the general Bluetooth headset and insufficient sound field height. The boring sense, especially the sound field background is smooth, slightly warm tones, the sound field is very pleased to listen for a long time, so you will not feel the sound field is very tiring all day long, but the ears will have The objective fatigue gradually increases over a long period of time.

Low frequency performance:


The low frequency part of the EP51 earphone is quite flexible and has a level of detail. Especially in the Bluetooth product, unlike the ordinary Bluetooth sound, the low frequency level is lacking. Although the low frequency is not very intense, it can be very flexible. After the downtime of the time, I found that the EP51 headphones actually have a very good texture reduction for the low sound of many movies. Although the dive is not deep, the relative listening details of the low frequency dive can be achieved.

It can be said that it is soft and not lacking in level when listening to songs, but it can also express a good rigidity and low frequency to explore the depth of the sound while listening to the sound of the film. It is a representative of the low-frequency and very flexible Bluetooth tuning. The modification of this technique is similar to the shadow of HD50.

IF performance:


The EP51 earphone has a good density at the intermediate frequency, and it is rare to restore the vocal details and density parts that are generally easy to lose. In particular, the general Bluetooth earphones have a very low vocal bandwidth. The mainstream Bluetooth vocals are very thin and lacking in layering and density. They also play a supporting role in the timbre analysis of intermediate frequency instruments.

The MF EP51 earphone's mid-frequency design is very groundbreaking in sound style adjustment, especially in the sense of hearing. Even the vocals in the same price range are relatively open, and the soft and vocal details are quite smooth. Unexpected. For general Bluetooth, the vocal texture is good, but it is hard to get it, but the EP51 actually has a certain touch of color to increase the vocal beauty and endurance.

High frequency performance:


The high frequency of the EP51 earphone is a good highlight. The high frequency is relatively dull before the earphones are opened. After the opening, the high frequency has relatively fresh and bright details and resolution. This high frequency is suitable for listening to soft instruments. There are some sounds that are both rigid and flexible, so such high-frequency listening instruments are textured and very resistant.

The micro-detail performance of the vocal UHF part can also come out, which makes the earphone sound permeability unexpectedly good. It also shows that this earphone has both high frequency instruments and vocal UHF parts. At a good level, you will easily mistake this for the high frequency of wired headphones.

Product summary:


At first, I felt that the sound quality of this earphone is generally better. I also hope that engineers can increase the rigidity of the diaphragm to improve the high and low frequency texture of the sound, and avoid the design weakness of the mainstream Bluetooth sound. .

In fact, after the EP51 headphones are opened, the low frequency gradually decreases from the boring to the appropriate strength and quantity, and becomes more flexible and rich, and does not hinder the mid-high frequency details. The overall very balanced and soft sound seems to be mainly comfortable and certain. Analytically dominant, this is very suitable for people who wear Bluetooth for a long time.

It can be said that the Meizu EP51 Bluetooth sports headphones enjoy much better sound than the JBL reflect bt on the same production line. Compared with the BETAS wireless2 sound with a price of thousands of dollars, it is comfortable and too much. The EP51 earphone is the most difficult voice. Smooth and detailed touches are no problem even as a sleeping plug.


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