Xiaobai entry book to sell thousands of dollars for a good headset?

For today's headset market, the earphones at the price of one hundred yuan can be said to be popular. Even the headsets of tens of dollars have surged in sales on major e-commerce websites in the past two years. Search for the words "headphones" and you will find those The earphones of less than one hundred yuan occupy the entire screen, and the sales volume is even more amazing. Many users who use such headphones like to metabolize the headphones. Even if the headphones are bad, I said that it is nice to listen!
Xiaobai entry book to sell thousands of dollars for good headphones?
There is another phenomenon that belongs to "the grape can not be eaten," and many people think that the earphones of thousands of dollars are actually very low cost, not worth the price at all; however, from the establishment of the world's first earphone company to today. Almost 100 years of history (Bayer Power is the oldest headset company), and those well-known headset brands are definitely not insisting on the cost of compression, but those who do not understand the headset industry but like to talk about it. You may never know where the value of the thousand yuan headphones is.
I am not professional in making headphones, nor do I understand the profound theoretical knowledge in the manufacturing industry, but there are some friends who are engaged in the development and manufacture of headphones. They are more familiar with the design and manufacturing process of headphones, and the manufacturing cost of headphones. And the pricing of these issues also have more say; and for these issues, the author has already consulted with friends around me, and sorted it out today for the reference of the white users; also took a look at the dozens of headphones and Where is the gap between thousands of headphones?
A headset goes through a lot of procedures from R&D to official launch, and each process requires cost. For a headset with a price of several thousand dollars, the cost of R&D alone may be high, including R&D engineers. The salary of the team, the cost of the equipment/software and the production and processing costs of the engineering machine. The engineering machine belongs to the sample and is used for inspection and testing; therefore, adjustments and improvements may be made in terms of appearance, acoustic structure, wire, etc. (if Bluetooth headsets will be more complicated); and this process may be repeated many times, and each time it is costly to achieve the desired results.
Xiaobai entry book to sell thousands of dollars for good headphones?
As for the amount of money that needs to be invested in R&D, each headset manufacturer has different standards; but it is certain that the development of a headset is a long-term process in equipment/software, personnel salaries, product processing, adjustment and improvement, etc. Aspects are also a relatively long-term capital investment. Although these detailed costs are not known to the author, they can cost thousands to 10,000 yuan for the production and processing of a prototype; and staff salaries and equipment/software costs. It must be higher.
Xiaobai entry book to sell thousands of dollars for good headphones?
The next step can be said to be very costly, that is, the manufacture of the mold set (referred to as mold opening), including the mechanical equipment and molds are the production processes with higher total investment, production technology and materials are likely to open the mold Increase the cost, but it is the most important part of the headset before mass production. The parts required for the earphones are manufactured through these molds. For a set of mechanical equipment and molds for making headphones, there are hundreds of thousands. It is not surprising that there are hundreds of thousands of millions.
Xiaobai entry book to sell thousands of dollars for good headphones?
After the mold is opened, the material cost is also required, including the speaker, microphone, wire, Other accessories and the box. The cost of this part is calculated according to the quality of the material. If the mass production of the speaker is actually very cheap, Ten yuan speakers may be expensive, and the larger the output, the lower the cost, so it is often used in mass production of medium and low-end headphones. However, if it is a custom-made speaker, it will be expensive because of the small mass production. Re-opening the mold, the cost will be very high, the assembled headphones are naturally very expensive. For ordinary headphones, the cost of accessories such as microphones, wires, accessories and packaging is relatively low, the specific cost is not known, but if A headset manufacturer can't control the cost of the accessory material part, making it difficult to achieve profitability.
Before the headset officially enters mass production, the manufacturer will arrange a series of prototype production lines (also known as trial production); on the one hand, it can check the problems of the product itself and the assembly line; on the other hand, it will make the workers more familiar with the assembly process of the product. Improve efficiency; the so-called time is money, this is very obvious in the production line. This process will also be repeated many times, until all the problems related to mass production have been resolved before mass production is started.
Xiaobai entry book to sell thousands of dollars for good headphones?
No matter whether it is in the trial production and mass production process, there will be defective products, and these defective products can not be sold, usually sent to the defective product recycling warehouse, some may be recycled, some may be destroyed or As a waste sale; regardless of the form of these defective products, they are also part of the cost. Therefore, in order to reduce the loss of this part of the cost, manufacturers need to maintain mechanical equipment and molds; increase the number of workers on the production line Regulatory efforts; require product suppliers to provide better quality components; obviously, these requirements will increase the cost of input.
Xiaobai entry book to sell thousands of dollars for good headphones?
Before the official launch of mass-produced earphone products and after the launch, manufacturers must advertise their products for promotion. Without a good marketing team, it is not feasible, and this part of the investment is obviously very high, if you please If a star makes an endorsement, it is not new for a million or eight million. So you can change your mind and think about it. If the manufacturer invests such a large amount of money, how can it not pass the cost on to the consumer?
Section: For the headset manufacturers of formal enterprises, from research and development to listing is a process of saving money, so the cost of high-priced headphones is indeed high; and those small headsets that rely on compression costs or direct cottages are real It is clear that you are cheating on your money.
In fact, many of my friends around me have such questions. Why do you earn money for the 30 yuan one of the "magic sound", "Sony", "Sen Haissel" selling so cheap? It is estimated that these knockoffs have been used before. Now, I can still find it on the stalls and Taobao. Then let's take a look at why these cottage headphones can be sold so cheaply.
Xiaobai entry book to sell thousands of dollars for good headphones?
First of all, the cottage headphones do not have any research and development costs (because it is a cottage!), this point does not need to explain more. For the mold, the cottage small factory certainly does not have the funds to engage in equipment, but rent a set of other headset mold money Still have to have (other than the cottage can not afford to play), although these molds are produced in other headphones, but it is very suitable for these small cottages, just change the appearance and color is OK.
Xiaobai entry book to sell thousands of dollars for good headphones?
Some friends may ask, what is the speaker's speaker? The answer is no, because they don't have that technology at all. If you can really use the same speaker as the genuine headphones, you can't sell it so cheaply. Those small factories usually pass some channels. Purchase the defective products that have been eliminated by the regular speaker factory. These defective products may be welded, the frequency response curve is unqualified, the pressure is deformed, the basin frame is defective, etc., and the sound can be sounded after simple processing; The products are all sold on the price of a catty, the unit price is a few cents; the final assembled earphones can only be qualified, the outer packaging is simple, there is a box is good (some stalls only use plastic bags for packaging). As for the cost, how much do you think you can have?
to sum up:
As the so-called one-point price, for the headset brand of the formal enterprise, the cost of the high-priced headphones is indeed high, but for consumers, you are definitely not just a good voice; That kind of credibility and security, from a health point of view, good headphones have less damage to human hearing.

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