Decipher the factors affecting LED quality and the best solution

Most lighting designers believe that the quality of all LED products is the same. However, there are many manufacturers and suppliers of LEDs , and Asian manufacturers supply low-cost LEDs to the world. Surprisingly, only a small percentage of these manufacturers are able to produce high quality LEDs. For applications that are only used as a simple indicator, low quality LEDs are sufficient. However, high quality LEDs must be used in many areas requiring consistency, reliability, solid state indication or lighting, especially in harsh environments such as highways, military/aviation, and industrial applications.

In environments such as the New York subway station, security requirements are very demanding, and LEDs must meet the fundamentals of high quality requirements.

What are the factors that distinguish the quality of LEDs? How to tell the difference between the two LEDs? In fact, choosing high-quality LEDs can start from the chip until assembly is complete, and there are many factors to consider during this period. Tier-OneLED manufacturing companies are able to produce superior, consistent wafers that are made from high-quality LED manufacturing materials to produce superior chips. The chemical materials used in the wafer production process are quite important factors in determining the performance of all LED performance specifications.

A 2-inch wafer can cut more than 6,000 LED chips , and only the performance of individual chips is different from the overall one. Chips made by a good chip maker have very little difference in color, brightness, and voltage drop. When the LED chip package is completed, many of their performance indicators may have great differences, such as viewing angle. In addition, the influence of the encapsulating material is also considerable, for example, the resin is better than the epoxy resin.

Classification ability

Good LED manufacturers can not only manufacture high-quality chips, but also have the ability to classify and package LEDs based on their color, brightness, voltage drop and viewing angle. High-quality LED suppliers offer customers products with consistent work characteristics, while lower-quality LED suppliers can only provide LEDs that are similar to "mixed".

For high-end, quality-critical applications, such as boundary lights for airport runways, FAA-level color and brightness specifications must be met. To ensure performance and safety, the consistency of LED packaging is also strictly limited. LEDs with poorer packaging levels are used in demanding applications that can lead to premature failures and other inconsistencies, which can lead to major accidents. In order to avoid equipment downtime and to ensure that the LEDs specified in the design have reliable operating characteristics, it is important to avoid the use of "mixed" products in high-end and quality-critical applications.

APM SP300VAC3000W is an economically programmable DC and Ac Output Power Supply to provide reliable voltage and simulation for general applications such as testing for commercial, power electronics, avionics, military and IEC regulation test applications. The Ac Power Source has various communication interface and can be remote controlled by computer.

The AC source is capable of delivering up to 6 times of peak current compared to its maximum rated current that makes it ideal for inrush current test.

Some features as below:

  • 5.6"large touch color screen
  • AC+DC mixed or independent output mode
  • Capable of setting output slope/phase angle  
  • Built-in IEC standard test function
  • Built-in multiple protections
  • Built-in power meter
  • Support impedance function
  • Support for LIST/PULSE/STEP mode & Transient mode
  • Standard RS232/RS485/USB/LAN, Optional GPIB/multiphase card.
  • Support master and slave parallel mode to realize power extension
  • Support harmonics/inter-harmonics simulation and measuring function
  • Support for USB data import/export and scree nap from front panel
  • PWM technologies, with up to 86% efficiency   
  • CE, CSA, UL, ROHS Certified

3000W Ac Power Supply

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