Friends travel professional configuration Lexar Lexar professional series 600x CF card

Friends travel professional configuration Lexar Lexar professional series 600x CF card

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The winter of 2011 seems to be particularly long, and when the long-lost spring of 2012 comes, people's moods will also ease. This is a season of spring blossoms and the best season for outings in the year. For many professional photographers, it has once again aroused the enthusiasm for photography.

As we all know, in all the photography, in addition to professional cameras and lenses, memory cards are also an essential part, especially for high-end photography. The recent release of the Nikon D800 with 3600W ultra-high pixels has once again ignited the demand for high-performance devices for high-end devices. As the world's leading brand of memory cards, Lexar's Professional Professional Series 600x CF card is undoubtedly the flag and benchmark in this field.


Lexar's Professional Professional Series 600x CF card is designed for professional photographers and hardcore enthusiasts. The card is a perfect combination of UDMA technology and SLC process NAND flash granules with a minimum sustained write speed of up to 90MB per Second (600x), is a veritable CF "card emperor".

Whether it's a high-end digital SLR that supports UDMA 6, or a card reader that supports UDMA 6, Lexar Professional Professional Series 600x CF enables camera capture and high-speed continuous shooting performance, and greatly reduces data downloads in post-production. Time, effectively improve work efficiency.

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Considering the demand for different capacity storage, the card offers three capacity options of 32GB, 16GB and 8GB. Taking 32GB as an example, it is theoretically possible to store 2,200 16-megapixel RAW-format photos or 6,400 16-megapixel JPEG-format photos for long-term storage needs.

Also included with the card is the latest version of Lexar image rescue software image Rescue, and a Chinese version for Chinese users. Whether the file is accidentally deleted or the memory card is accidentally interrupted under working conditions, most of the precious image and video files can be restored as much as possible, which provides the possibility of resuming user data.

All Lexar products are tested in the Lexar Quality Lab, which has more than 800 models of digital cameras and memory card mainframes, with extensive professional testing to ensure superior quality, performance and reliability. . Provides the highest level of confidence for consumers who use Lexar products to capture, manage, transmit and store critical content.

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