Guangzhou Fashion Tianhe Square Interior Lighting Design

Located on the ground floor of Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center, Fashion Tianhe Commercial Plaza is a large underground commercial plaza integrating shopping, dining, leisure, entertainment and landscape.

The indoor lighting of the mall is mainly composed of LED lights. The lamps are rich and varied, the colors are beautiful, and the commercial atmosphere is strong. The cross-over lighting method of the dotted lines highlights the fashion, the trend, the frontier, the new and the different fashion. Features.

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The first Programmable Logic Controllers were designed and developed by Modicon as a relay re-placer for GM and Landis 

These controllers eliminated the need for rewiring and adding additional hardware for each new configuration of logic. 
The new system drastically increased the functionality of the controls while reducing the cabinet space that housed the logic. 
The first PLC, model 084, was invented by Dick Morley in 1969.The first commercial successful PLC, the 184, was introduced in 1973 which was designed by Michael Greenberg.

Schneide 800 Series I/O Modules

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