IPG high power fiber laser thick plate cutting technology

New progress in thick plate cutting of IPG high power fiber laser

It is well known that in the field of sheet metal, IPG fiber lasers are known for their high efficiency, high reliability and excellent cutting quality when cutting thin plates. For plates with a thickness of 8mm~10mm, the end face quality and speed of a 1.5kW fiber laser cutting steel plate is equivalent to that of a 2kW CO2 laser. In addition, as the core part of 2D and 3D cutting systems, fiber lasers have the advantages of no lens, no consumables, no preheating, no maintenance, no startup time, small size and easy integration, low carbon energy saving, etc. The advantage is that it can save a lot of money for customers, and is recognized by the industry as the laser with the lowest comprehensive cost.

IPG fiber laser 25mm carbon steel cutting effect

Prior to this, the quality of the end face of fiber laser cutting of 8mm or more steel plate has been unsatisfactory, and this situation has been fundamentally changed. When used as a slab, the first step is to confirm the process to quantify the quality of the cut. It is a widely accepted process to measure the surface roughness based on the analysis of the roughest part of the surface roughness and to measure it on the DIN specification 9013. This process enables accurate quantitative comparisons between different results. In the melt cutting process, the fiber laser will provide oxygen from a coaxial nozzle to assist combustion, complete the cutting, and then transfer a large amount of energy to the cutting through the exothermic reaction. Thus, when cutting a steel plate having a thickness of >12.5 mm, the cutting speed is almost the same as that of the CO2 laser.

It is believed that as the level of fiber laser cutting technology continues to increase, more and more customers will use fiber lasers as the first choice for cutting system light sources.

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