Jiangsu Yangzhou vigorously develops LED, the party committee secretary led a delegation to Taiwan to attract investment

Recently, the Yangzhou Municipal Party Committee led a delegation to Taiwan to attract investment. In order to attract Taiwanese enterprises to invest in Yangzhou, they also held an "ECFA-Yangzhou (Taipei) Business Opportunity Briefing" and signed an ECFA.

Many heavyweights from the Taiwanese business community attended the conference, including Chairman of Yongfeng Jinkong (2890), Chairman of Yuantai (8069) Liu Sicheng, Chairman of Datong/Huaiying (2475) Lin Weishan, and Executive Vice President of Datong Group. General Manager Lin Guowen Yan, He Jing (6182) Chairman Jiao Pinghai, Zhen Mingli Group Chairman Fan Bangyang, Yan Yuan Optoelectronics (3061) Chairman Jian Feng Ren, Dong Bei (2499) Chairman Wu Qinghui, Edison (3591) Director Zheng Senzhen Wait.

Yangzhou hopes that Taiwanese enterprises can invest in several major industries such as Sanxin (new energy, new light source, new materials), one network (smart grid), and one book (e-book) that Yangzhou has recently developed.

At present, the major enterprises invested by Taiwanese businessmen in Yangzhou include Yuantai's Chuanqi Optoelectronics, Yuyuan Optoelectronics, Lanbao Optoelectronics, Zhenmingli Optoelectronics, Huaxia Optoelectronics, Edison Optoelectronics, Emgrand Electronics, Junmao Optoelectronics, Ganzhao Optoelectronics, etc. . In the LED industry, Zhangyang Optoelectronics, Zhenbei, and Zhaozhao Optoelectronics, which were jointly established by Taiwanese-Yuanyuan Optoelectronics, Dongbei and Ruixuan (2489), have been established in Yangzhou.

By the end of 2010, the number of MOCVD machines producing blue-green LEDs in Yangzhou will be about 45, and by 2012, it will reach 220. The MOCVD machine for red and yellow LEDs will be estimated to be 5 units by the end of 2010, and will increase to 30 units in 2012. The total number of local MOCVD machines in Yangzhou will reach 250 units.

The LED projection chip produced by Yangzhou has an annual output of 1.4 million pieces in 2010, and the annual output of red and yellow LED LED chips is about 400,000 pieces. By 2012, the annual output of blue-green LED LED chips will exceed 8 million pieces, and the annual output of red and yellow LED LED chips will be estimated at 2.5 million pieces.

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