Jingdian's consolidated revenue in July 2010 reached NT$1.902 billion

LED chip leading Taiwanese factory Jingyuan Optoelectronics consolidated revenue in July 2010 reached NT$1.902 billion, up 2.75% month-on-month, up 57.34% year-on-year, hitting a record high for the fifth consecutive month, accumulating a revenue of 11.176 billion in the previous July. Yuan, an increase of 76.18%.

Crystal Power's spokesperson Zhang Shixian said that Jingdian's customers are more dispersed. Even if the demand for TV and NB declines, the overall blue LED will still be fully loaded. The crystal blue LED production capacity Q3 will increase by 10%, and the past orders are much larger than the production capacity of 40%. The gap is now narrowing, but the overall order is still greater than capacity.

Zhang Shixian stressed that the demand for blue LEDs can be seen in September, but the four-element LED entered the light quarter, but the ultra-high-brightness four-element LED (UHB) is still fully loaded. As long as the shipment is smooth, the future revenue is expected to continue to climb.

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