Listening to the hand to come to come to Luoji to release new high-end headphones

If your requirements for sound quality are limited to the shock of the game, then the gaming headset is certainly a good choice. Logitech recently announced two G933 and G633 gaming headsets, I wonder if they will become the new favorite in the market. Two new products The design is a very standard gaming headset style, focusing on the visual sense of technology. Their real highlight is the technical update, Logitech applied the so-called Pro-G technology on G933 and G633, that is, using new materials. Diaphragm to minimize sound distortion.
  听音辨位手到擒来 罗技发布新款中高端耳机
  听音辨位手到擒来 罗技发布新款中高端耳机
In addition to Pro-G, the new headphones also bring X surround technology. Using the latest sound processing algorithms, Logitech says X surround can bring a more immersive listening experience. Whether it is high-end listening, or simply want The shocking effect, X surround can be achieved.
So what is the biggest difference between the two headphones? Both the G933 and G633 support standard headphone jacks and USB interface connections, but the latter does not support wireless technology.
  听音辨位手到擒来 罗技发布新款中高端耳机
If you want G633, you need to prepare $149.99; if you want a higher-end G933, it is $199.99. G633 and G933 are released in September and October respectively. It is worth mentioning that the first batch of G633 is The headphone cable is a rubber USB, and then it will be replaced with a braided wire -- so players who want to start it may wish to wait.

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