New Japan Wireless launches audio SiC-SBD MUSES audio series MUSES7001 with thick copper wire bonding type

New Japan Wireless's new MUSES audio series product MUSES7001 is an audio silicon carbide Schottky diode (SiC-SBD: Silicon Carbide-Schottky Barrier Diode) using thick copper wire wire bonding, thick copper wire is conducive to reducing losses and improving Efficiency, SiC-SBD specializes in high-speed switching action, coupled with manufacturing technology that focuses on the best sound quality, can achieve high-quality sound effects. If the MUSES7001 and other products of the MUSES series are used in combination, the true performance of the audio equipment can be more effectively exerted.

Reference: The MUSES series is a brand of high-quality audio devices created by New Japan Wireless. It focuses on the persistent pursuit of original sounds such as "improving sound quality" and "reproducing a wide sound field effect". Audio IC technology.

【main feature】

1. Used in combination with other products of the MUSES series, it can exert excellent sound performance

Used in combination with various operational amplifier products of MUSES, the true performance of the MUSES series to audio equipment can be further developed.

2. Using thick copper wire with low loss

The wire bonding material between the semiconductor chip and the lead frame uses thick copper wire, which can reduce the loss compared with the commonly used aluminum wire.

3. Low noise high speed switch SiC-SBD using low temperature manufacturing method

In order not to damage the SiC crystal, a low-temperature manufacturing method is adopted, so that the SiC-SBD achieves low noise. And, compared with the traditional Si-SBD, high-speed switching can be achieved.

【Main performance】

● Low switching loss

● High frequency work

● Stable characteristics less affected by temperature

● Package TO-247


● High-end audio equipment

● Professional audio equipment

【Production and supply situation】

● Sample release has started from November 2013

● The production plan will start in December 2013, with a monthly output of 1,000

【Technical Information / Business Consulting】

New Japan Radio's own brand and registered trademark

For details of this product, please refer to the website of New Japan Wireless

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MUSES official website http: // MUSES

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