Set off a wave of popularity! Hisense 4K Laser TV IMAX Experience

This year's IFA2016 German Consumer Electronics Show has come to an end. As in previous years, the exhibition is still dominated by home appliances. Well-known domestic and foreign companies have brought their most representative products to Berlin. As one of the most important product lines in home appliances, Black Power has attracted countless new eyes every year. From this year's trend, we can see that laser television has been taken seriously by more and more manufacturers. Whether it is TCL, Changhong or Hisense, they all exhibited the latest laser television products.

Hisense 4K laser cinema TV

As the first manufacturer to develop and launch laser televisions, Hisense also brought the new 4K laser television recently launched to the show site, and IMAX was very excited. In fact, some people may not understand what laser cinema TV is. Actually, laser TV is not a traditional LCD technology. Its essence is a cinema TV that uses ultra-short throw projection technology. However, this product overcomes many disadvantages of the projector, such as brightness defects, projection distance limitations, and the life of the light source, and achieves the same usage as the ordinary LCD TV, but at the same time it has the advantage of a large size.

Laser Theater Host

Body knob

Laser light source

Hisense's world's first DLP ultra-short-focus 4K laser TV has been sharpened after ten years, and has obtained 217 patented technologies. It has achieved complete self-operation from laser television R&D, design to complete machine manufacturing. After several projections and refractions of the laser light source image on the Fresnel bionic screen, it is like the reflection of natural things and the final image of sunlight entering the eye. It is softer, beautiful and natural than any type of screen. Hisense laser TV is also equipped with the world's top LIVE SOUND 5.1 Dolby DTS dual decoding technology sound and with 8-inch bass sound, 5.8G wireless surround technology, while the unique Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy IMAX-level enjoyment at home.

Hisense Laser TV Standard Audio System

Hisense 4K laser TV as its heavyweight product, many people may not understand why it will launch such a product. In fact, from the perspective of the development of the display industry, the market demand for large screens in the future is continuously growing, especially in the next few years. The traditional LCD TVs have no obvious advantages in terms of size, and the price advantage of 60-inch LCD TVs is not obvious. The single LCD screen is even more costly, and the only economically viable display solution is laser television. This is why many TV manufacturers are currently trying their best to lay out laser display technology.

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