Shanghai Quality Supervision 315 spot sampling energy-saving lamps failed

At 9:20 am yesterday, the 12365 Appeals and Reporting Center of Shanghai Bureau of Quality Supervision and Administration opened the “Spring Hotline”, which includes more than 10 quality inspection experts in the fields of leather, electronics, gold and silver products, cosmetics, grain and oil products, etc. Consumer complaints.

After the opening of the hotline, Huang Xiaolu, Director of the Bureau of Quality Supervision of the Municipal People's Republic of China, answered the first complaint telephone call and reported that there were subprime problems in the energy-saving lamps in some lighting wholesale stores in a large market in the city. Huang Xiaolu immediately instructed the city's quality supervision and inspection team five law enforcement team members to rush to the scene.

Reporters followed the law enforcement officers at the scene and found that most of the energy-saving lamps sold on the market use "halogen powder" instead of "tricolor powder" materials, and shoddy phenomenon. "The cost of the raw material of 'halogen' powder is more than 30 times that of the 'three basic color powder' raw materials. If the manufacturer's raw materials are shoddy, the life span of energy-saving lamps will be greatly shortened." National Electric Light Source Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Shanghai) The expert Chen Maolin introduced.

"In addition, most of the energy-saving lamps have low power, and the power of some energy-saving lamps is lower than 50%." After the field measured power, "promotion of the Little Prince", "guidance lighting", "Shanghai Rui Electric Lighting" and many other The measured power of one brand of energy-saving lamps was unqualified. "Guangdong Zhongshan produced 'leader lighting', nominal 65 watts of energy-saving lamps, on-site measured power is only 25 watts, and Shanghai Rui Electric lighting company's 45 watts of energy-saving lamps, on-site measured power is only 22 watts "Xiong Xinjian, chief of five departments of the city's quality inspection and inspection team, told reporters, "According to national regulations, the actual power of energy-saving lamps should be more than 85% of the rated power, and most of the energy-saving lamps we inspected on the spot are not even 50%. It should be said that it is far from reaching the standard."

“Consumers spent money buying 65-watt lamps and bought 30-watt lamps. The brightness was significantly lower, which was tantamount to being deceived by manufacturers and merchants. It is understood that the energy saving lamps used by ordinary households are as low as 8 W or 10 W. The tile is bright enough, and a 65-watt energy-saving lamp is generally used for lighting in public places.

In addition to spot sampling of energy-saving lighting fixtures, yesterday, the 12365 Spring Hotline received complaints and reports from many consumers, and many consumers directly took the complaints center to consult on the spot. The reporter noted that this year, consumers’ attention to quality of consumption is no longer limited to the quality of a single product, but also the public has turned their attention to the topic of consumer safety in the public sector. “Consumption and security” has become the subject of consumer complaints this year.” New trend."

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