Texas Instruments introduces the first dual-mode offline controller for non-dimming LED lighting

Texas Instruments has announced a new off-line primary side inductive controller for its family of non-dimmable LED drivers. The latest TPS92310 AC/DC constant current driver supporting Power Factor Correction (PFC) reduces cost and size for high power LED modified bulbs such as A19, PAR30/38 and GU10.

The TPS92310 is the first in a family of PFC-enabled primary side regulators. TI will also introduce the TPS92311 in May, which offers similar features and an integrated 600 V power FET with avalanche energy capability to further reduce solution size and component count. The TPS92310 and TPS92311 are new additions to TI's line of offline LED lighting controllers, including the industry's first TRIAC dimmable LED driver, the National LM3445, which supports full-range and flicker-free dimming.

The TPS92310 LED driver is available in two operating modes, with adaptive constant on-time (COT) providing inherent power factor correction without the need for external components. PFC reduces EMI signatures and ensures regulatory approval; peak current control supports low LED current ripple to minimize stroboscopic effects.

The TPS92310 LED driver supports Zero Current Sense (ZCD) critical conduction mode (CCM) for valley switching, which improves power conversion efficiency and ensures low EMI. Cycle-by-cycle current limit, over/under voltage protection, and thermal shutdown provide protection for LED drivers and users for faults and abnormal operating conditions.

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