The functional advantages of Sannuo iFi independent amplifier

As a professional audio manufacturer, Sannuo has been committed to the development of multimedia speakers, and iFi independent amplifier multimedia speakers, which are later known to consumers as X.1+1 speakers, were promoted by Sanno in the market and received A new concept product that is widely welcomed by consumers.

Looking back at the audio market before the iFi independent amplifier speakers became popular, the development of the entire speaker market had reached an insurmountable bottleneck period. The homogenization of the products of various manufacturers was serious and lacked the characteristics. The impression of consumers on traditional multimedia speakers stayed for a long time. On the "features" of low price and poor sound quality, although the multimedia speakers have evolved from the original 2.0 channel to the later 2.1 channel, 4.1 channel, 5.1 channel and even 7.1 channel, most manufacturers only pay attention to the appearance. The change, while ignoring the improvement of sound quality, this "changing the soup without changing the drug" approach, not only did not push the multimedia speaker market forward, but made consumers more resentful of this kind of chicken-like products. The market needs to introduce new products to arouse users' enthusiastic attention to the audio industry, and the development of things always runs counter to the direction they should.

From the perspective of product technology, traditional built-in amplifiers have different levels of leakage magnetic flux and magnetic flux, which affect the work of the power amplifier transformer. Moreover, as the frequency of the sound source changes, the front of the IC circuit is negatively affected. In the amplifier part, the distortion of the power amplifier is obviously improved, and the sound quality is seriously damaged. To solve this problem, it is a very good idea to produce an independent amplifier. However, the structure is more complicated than the built-in power amplifier, although the sound quality is greatly enhanced, but its technology is complex and costly, which leads to two results that are not conducive to the development of the speaker. First, the development speed is slow, It is expensive for the product.

However, Sanno, who was determined to change this situation, overcame various technical and product cost difficulties after a long period of painstaking research and development, and finally launched his first independent amplifier speaker product - iFi-331 And successfully brought the concept of iFi independent power amplifier to the market, and got an unprecedented disruptive market effect.
Sanno's interpretation and interpretation of "iFi" is very unique: the "i" in the first letter of "iFi" stands for "individual, self, independent", emphasizing the user's personality and preferences; and "Fi" is " The abbreviation of Hi-Fi stands for the "Hi-Fi" sound quality of the fever level, emphasizing the professional sound quality of the speaker.

However, Sanno does not hesitate to spend time and cost, and vigorously develop and widely promote the iFi independent amplifier speakers, what are the advantages? What kind of market prospects will there be?

The main advantages of independent power amplifier technology are as follows:
1. As the name suggests, the independent amplifier speaker is the original design and the amplifier inside the speaker independent, designed as an external power amplifier, the result of this, can better eliminate the box resonance and clutter, reduce the noise.

2. Generally speaking, due to the size, the built-in power amplifier is limited by the transformer, the filter electrolytic capacitor, and the heat sink of the final stage power amplifier tube. The size cannot be made very large, which undoubtedly affects the rated power of the power amplifier. And if the independent power amplifier is "liberated", it can be improved in various parameters.

3. It is very important that due to the poor magnetic reversal of the internal air of the built-in amplifier, the semiconductor components (IC) inside the speaker are also affected by the magnetic field. However, the independence of the amplifier eliminates this drawback.

4. For the consumer, from the perspective of viewing, due to the unique design of the independent power amplifier, the user adds more possibilities when placing, the user can freely arrange each speaker according to different needs and room space. Part of the design placement, which will undoubtedly increase consumer buying interest.

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