US LED bulb prices fell sharply and the average price fell below $20

According to a survey report of LED bulbs in February 2012, the price of LED bulbs replacing 40 watts and 60 watts in the United States has fallen sharply. The replacement of 40 watt LED bulbs has dropped 19%, and the average price has fallen below 20%. The dollar, came to $18.

According to institutional analysis, US manufacturers are actively deploying card slots in the LED lighting market and participating in price competition. The US region has replaced 60-watt LED bulbs with an average price drop of 14% in February. The price in Asia has not continued to fall sharply last month. Instead, Presenting a steady state. In the Korean region, which is considered to be the most competitive price, after replacing the price of 40-watt LED bulbs in the first place in January this year, it fell below 10 dollars. Instead, it rose slightly in February this year, and the average price rose by about 7%.

Taiwan LED epitaxial faucet also believes that the price of replacing 60 watt LED bulbs in the second half of this year can be expected; South Asia Optoelectronics is also ready to produce standardized LED bulbs with fully automated equipment in response to fierce price wars.

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