Air energy water heater market is good

Air energy water heater market is good Air-energy water heaters are available around the year 2000 and are the “rising stars” in the water heater market. In recent years, its rapid development has attracted attention. In 2002, the market for air-energy water heaters in China was only 30 million yuan. By 2012, air-energy water heaters will have annual sales of 6 billion yuan.

It is reported that air energy water heaters can save more than 75% energy than electric water boilers, and can save more than 50% of energy compared to fuel (gas) boilers. Taking 2009 as an example, the national water heater has a total capacity of about 130 million units, of which about 40 million units are electric water heaters and consume about 67 billion kwh per year. According to the annual energy consumption of air-powered water heaters, which is only 1/4 of that for electric water heaters, it is assumed that replacing the existing electric water heaters with air-energy water heaters can save 48.88 billion kwh.

The vice chairman of the China Heat Pump Industry Alliance calculated a bill for the reporter. The energy efficiency of the air-energy water heater is four times that of the electric water heater, and the manufacturing cost is 2 to 3 times that of the electric water heater (according to the different volume). The market price is only The same volume of electric water heater is about 2 times. It can be seen that the air-to-water heater has the highest price/performance ratio. It is based on the advantages of energy saving, safety, installation and use of convenience, the annual growth rate of the air-energy water heater market is almost 40%.

In addition, some central governments have also introduced relevant drum encouragement policies to promote the development of the air-energy water heater market. For example, in June 2012, air-energy water heaters were included in the national energy subsidies and received the highest subsidy, and there were 31 air-fired companies. Among them, including the United States as the leading integrated appliance brand camp and Tongyi as the leading air energy professional brand camp. At the same time, energy efficiency standards for air-energy heaters are also in the development phase. The air-energy water heater market is taking advantage of multiple benefits to accelerate development.

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