Cohen Electric's "Black and White Series C69" becomes the best-selling range hood of the year

"The winter weather is too cold, and the window door is closed all day. When cooking, the house is full of smoke and smoke. It has been exhausted for a long time." Ms. Chen, who lives in a certain district of Shanghai, often complains to her friends.

The hood of Ms. Chen’s house is a Chinese-style hood. The smoke of the house is not only because it closes the door and window, but also because the hood is not clean. Ms. Chen introduced: "What makes people headache is that every time you turn on the hood, the smoke is not sucked, the noise is not small. When you cook, you have to talk with your voice, especially hard. And it is very troublesome to clean, sometimes It’s all oily.” Near the end of the year, Ms. Chen decided to change a good range hood to improve her quality of life.

With previous experience, Ms. Chen listed three requirements for buying a range hood: the smoke should be clean, the noise is small, and the cleaning should be done. In addition, the kitchen style should be balanced. After online comparison and store viewing, Ms. Chen has set her sights on Cohen’s “black and white” series, which is particularly popular this year. Considering the economy and practicality, Ms. Chen finally purchased the classic C69 in “Black and White”. The smoker's fume suction rate is as high as 99%, and the noise is very small, and the cleaning is convenient, which is in line with her requirements.

The reporter learned from the major stores that Cohen's black and white series of range hoods are very popular, especially the "black and white" series of C69, which uses a side suction design, black and white color with black crystal glass and stainless steel, appearance Simple and generous; the all-in-one design is a clean, refreshing look at a glance, and this design works well with the kitchen style. Cohen kitchen sales staff told reporters that good design can bring people a pleasing and pleasing experience, leading technology and design can bring people a high quality experience.

According to the salesperson, this product uses the oil-electric separation technology to separate the soot from the circuit, avoiding the aging of the circuit caused by soot pollution, the failure of the switch, the light bulb is not bright and so on. The most valuable thing is that this hood has an oversized smoke collecting chamber, which is designed with a smooth stamping and forming. It can use the aerodynamic principle to smooth the smoking and effectively reduce the noise inside the hood. The detachable Coanda Guide The smoke net plate makes cleaning easier.

Cohen's "black and white" C69 range hood has just been popular with people because of the technical and design innovations that have maximised the need for high-quality kitchen life. Zhejiang Keen Electric seized this opportunity and pursued the victory. It launched the “Black and White” automatic opening series and the Executive Chef I series, which incorporate modern technology elements. According to industry experts, Cohen's “black and white” series range hoods are specially designed according to the individualized and diversified needs of the end market. They can truly bring consumers a healthy and convenient kitchen life experience, and lead a new round. The trend of consumption.

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