Application of tracking radar system

The charge pump tracking radar servo system is simulated as a research object, which has certain guiding significance for the design and debugging of the actual system. Because the servo system is designed as a second-order error system, the tracking error of the system is 0 for constant velocity movement of the maneuvering target, but only when the target maneuvering acceleration exists is there a dynamic lag error. The MATLAB simulation software is used to simulate the qualitative and quantitative relationship between the position loop bandwidth of the servo system and the tracking performance of the system, and the target acceleration value that meets various tracking error conditions under different bandwidth conditions is given. This pair of tracking radar servo systems Variable parameter control to adapt to different characteristic targets provides the possibility.

The valve remains closed when the pump is turned on. When the pump outlet pressure reaches the set value, the valve opens; when the pump receives a signal to turn off, the electromagnetic pilot valve first energizes to slowly close the main valve until the valve is about to completely close, the limit switch acts The pump stop command is issued to stop the pump. After the pump stops, the solenoid valve is de-energized. The outlet of the water pump is provided with a return pipe and a pressure fluctuation pre-check valve and a safety valve (quick opening type relief valve). A pressure fluctuation pre-check valve and a safety valve (quick opening type relief valve) are installed on the return pipe to prevent overpressure.

The function of the pressure fluctuation pre-stop valve is to reduce the pressure fluctuation when the pump is turned on, stopped or the power is suddenly stopped, to protect the pump and pipeline from damage; the control system uses a high-pressure relief pilot valve and low-discharge The pilot valve is controlled separately, with manual shut-off device, driven by hydraulic diaphragm. When the pump is stopped, when the overpressure of the pipeline system is small and does not exceed a certain set value, the safety valve (quick opening pressure relief valve) opens, and the water flow returns from the bypass pipe to the inlet pool; when the pipeline system has a water hammer When the pressure exceeds a certain set value, the pressure fluctuation pre-check valve opens, and the water flow returns to the inlet pool from the bypass pipe.

Litz Wire Typical applications are: high frequency inductor, transformer, frequency converter, fuel cell, the horse, communication and IT equipment, ultrasound equipment, sonar equipment, televisions, radios, induction heating, etc.In 1911, New England became the first commercial manufacturer in the United States to produce the Leeds line.Since then, New England has remained the world leader in providing high-performance Leeds line products and solutions to customers around the world.It is also transliterated as the "litz line".

Litz Wire

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