Grab the 4G cake, Qualcomm MediaTek launches the chip battle

Since the 4G license was issued, the 4G era has officially opened. For the mobile phone industry, the opening of the 4G era is of great significance to it, and the chip makers closely related to mobile phones are doing something in a new era. , are unknown. In the annual "5.17 World Communication Day", in the 4G first year of China, this year's World Telecommunication Day has been given more historical missions.

Now, from operators, mobile phone manufacturers to chip manufacturers, all aspects of the industry chain strive to provide consumers with the best user experience in the 4G era. In the 4G era, end users are not concerned with technologies such as LTE, but a comprehensive user experience including multi-mode multi-frequency, fast connection, dazzling graphics performance, and low power consumption. Chip manufacturers in the 3G era also presented several coexistence situations, including Qualcomm, MediaTek, NVIDIA, Texas Instruments, etc., but in the 4G era, it was basically a game between Qualcomm and MediaTek. Qualcomm dominated the mid-to-high end and 4G baseband. In addition to continuing to explore the low-end market, MediaTek also needs to find a breakthrough in 4G baseband technology.

Qualcomm technology leads MTK, MTK takes the real eight-core impact chip market

On the one hand, Qualcomm, although many manufacturers jumped into the embrace of MTK, but the flagship of the big brands will still choose Qualcomm, and Qualcomm still leads MTK in technology, especially this year LTE commercial, Qualcomm already has a very mature solution, and MTK has at least It is only possible to have a SoC solution by the end of the year. On the 64th, Qualcomm may also run in front of the MTK.

The other side is MTK. From the rise of the cottage to the rise of 3G smart phones in 2013, MTK has demonstrated its accurate product positioning and ability to grasp the market demand. The real eight cores as the breakthrough impression of the cottage, the number one impact of high-end brands The soldiers will inevitably break Qualcomm's dominance in the middle and high end.

Pay attention to technical process and consolidate the status of “Boss”

In fact, the chip market is not what everyone thinks, Qualcomm, MTK, Intel, in fact, this battlefield is far more serious than everyone thinks, plus in 2014 as the 4G first year, chip manufacturers in the LTE chip market pay more attention to the process and technology. Technology is not afraid of no future, and can even gain a place in this highly competitive market.

Qualcomm is precisely the leader in this battlefield. In fact, MTK released its true eight-core mobile phone as early as last year. Everyone thinks that Qualcomm should be nervous because it has already surpassed Qualcomm from the number of nucleus, but Qualcomm has never been like this. I think that it is easy to deal with it. Qualcomm also said that, to a certain extent, the eight-core processor can only serve as a gimmick, but it does not help the user experience.

In the LTE chip market, Qualcomm has obvious advantages. Its LTE baseband chip is ahead of other manufacturers' level. The S800/S600/S400 all support LTE multi-mode, achieving complete coverage from the high-end flagship to the low-end market.

MediaTek launched a true eight-core chip. Does Qualcomm have such an idea? Do you think that the eight-core is more of a propaganda gimmick, and there is no particular obvious trend for user improvement? The overall idea for mobile processors, as well as mobile computing, is that it is a hybrid and easy-to-buy architecture, which means that Qualcomm needs a lot of professionalism during the processing period, just like a symphony orchestra, not a soloist. If you talk about a lot of combinations, if a number of combinations have improved the user experience of Qualcomm, this is a good thing, the current application is the dozens of applications that users like very much, only using two cores, in such a Under the circumstances, what kind of experience is brought to the user by adding a few more cores. In fact, there is a great experience here.

This is not just a question of auditing, but also a response to the needs of users and the technology of their products.

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