Think twice on Zhengzhou Road LED Lighting Project

Recently, Shanghai Sansi has won the first bid of 18 road LED lighting engineering materials and equipment procurement projects (light pole lighting procurement), such as Zhengzhou New District Power North Road in Zhengzhou City.

Shanghai Sansi has developed a variety of road LED lighting fixtures using its unique "cellular convection heat dissipation structure" patent technology. LED lighting products have been widely used in roads, tunnels, subways, airports, gas stations, parking lots. , factories, shopping malls and other places, providing 500,000 high-power LED outdoor lighting all run well, of which tunnel lighting products have spread over more than 300 tunnels in more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country, greatly improving LED lighting in this field. The situation of too low a success rate has won the favor and praise of the majority of users.

Shanghai Sansi will further increase investment in research and development, and continuously develop newer, better and more energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures to meet the needs of market and social development. At the same time, let people really enjoy environmentally friendly, energy-saving and healthy LED lighting products.

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