China's Zhejiang sunshine rose 4.1%, lighting products are expected to receive policy support

Lighting products are expected to receive policy support, the stock is up 4.13%, to RMB 20.66.

Zhejiang Sunshine announced on Wednesday that the National Development and Reform Commission website published the "Interim Measures for the Management of Financial Subsidy Funds for Efficient Lighting Products Promotion". If the method is implemented, it will be possible to use the company's main products - self-ballasted fluorescent lamps for general lighting and three-color straight-ended straight tubes. The domestic sales growth of fluorescent lamps has a positive effect. However, the announcement also stated that since the company has not yet obtained the text of the document and the country has not announced the specific measures for bidding for high-efficiency lighting products, it is not yet possible to predict the specific degree of impact it will have on the company's operations.

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